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Bucher Cosmix mobile concrete mixer

Bucher Cosmix is a unique mobile concrete production unit. Combining the ability to travel anywhere you desire with on-site concrete production, the possibilities are practically limitless. Explore the “mobile concrete factory” and contact us if you have any questions. A Best Tools representative will respond to any inquiries.

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Product Description

The problem

Bucher Cosmix is a perfect alternative to the traditional method of producing and transporting concrete. The traditional method involves producing concrete in a fixed unit, which is then transported to the final location in a transit mixer. The main problem faced by concrete producers is time. Concrete transport trucks have between 60 and 90 minutes to reach the final location because that is the standard life span of cement—between adding components, mixing, and setting. Given that urban areas are becoming increasingly congested, the 60-90 minute time frame is very short for transportation.

The solution

Bucher Cosmix is the perfect solution to the problems faced by concrete producers and clients. Instead of transporting fresh concrete to the customer, it is produced on-site at the construction site in Bucher Cosmix. Specifically, Cosmix is a mobile concrete production unit installed on a chassis that can move anywhere. It allows the mixing of the exact amount of desired concrete. Additionally, Cosmix has containers for each material separately. Thus, the truck no longer needs to travel back to the factory to produce cement. This saves time and money.

The technology offers numerous benefits to both the end customer and the equipment owner.

How does it work?

Cosmix is easy to use.

Sand, stone, and cement are loaded into a specially designed bunker with two side water tanks with a capacity of 2400L for production and cleaning. Once on-site, the operator only needs to choose the production rate and quality required for the specific job. Then, the concrete is ready to be poured. Thanks to its software system, the mobile concrete mixer Cosmix will ensure the correct quantity of sand and stone. Finally, the aggregates will be mixed with the necessary cement additives, chemicals, fibers, or powder in the high-speed mixing screw to create the desired mix. Cosmix can be controlled remotely, by remote control.



Adaptable and versatile, Cosmix can be mounted on any type of chassis, even on a train trailer. Time is not an impediment because the product is mixed when it reaches the location. This makes it ideal for distant destinations or cities with a high volume of unpredictable traffic.


With Cosmix, you no longer rely on the cement factory’s opening hours. It is a device that works on your schedule and is not weather-dependent. Concrete is produced on-site, in any conditions, in the desired quantity.

Any quantity

In a world that constantly seeks to eliminate waste, Cosmix is the ideal solution. Customers receive exactly the amount of concrete they paid for. Cosmix can produce concrete at a speed of 50m³/h and has a maximum capacity of 18 tons.

More types of concrete

Cosmix’s versatility means that you can create different types of concrete from the same load. It is also equipped with additive systems for liquids, powders, and fibers. It can be set to produce multiple types of concrete using different quantities of certain components.


Bucher Cosmix is practically limitless. Regardless of the project or application, the vehicle’s unparalleled technology makes it universal. Here are some of the applications where Cosmix is ideal:

Petroleum and gas pipeline installation

Bucher Cosmix keeps aggregates and water separate, so you can start mixing them on-site. No matter how long the road is, your concrete will always be fresh. In the case of installing long pipelines, Cosmix is perfect.

General contracting

Increase your workload capacity with Bucher Cosmix. The machine mixes concrete on-site, ideal for any construction project.


Cosmix is perfect for creating a specific and consistent concrete mix suitable for backfill trenches, water and sewage pipe networks. Excavated soil can be recycled back into the concrete mix, reducing the need for virgin material. Cosmix can also provide quality concrete for infrastructure works such as bridges, tunnels, and fiber optics.


We understand that the mix for your precast concrete always needs to be precise and high quality. It’s important to ensure that your mix is dosed to your exact specifications and is well mixed. Bucher Cosmix can do just that. And you can make several different mixes using the same equipment, so you won’t waste time waiting for the delivery of a different batch before you can start working.

Road construction works

Cosmix helps you build and repair any type of road quickly and efficiently without causing too much disruption to traffic. With included technology, Cosmix meets all the requirements for urban projects, including infrastructure, curbs, sidewalks, highways, and road repairs. All these applications require fast, reliable, and maximum strength concrete.


We understand that not all projects require large quantities. That’s why Bucher Cosmix is the perfect mixer for any paving job. With Cosmix, you can start and stop the concrete flow, allowing your crew to pour the exact amount of concrete.

Railway construction and maintenance

Railway construction projects, for trains, subways, and trams, often come with challenges, meaning efficiency is essential for the success of a job. Since Cosmix can be mounted on a train trailer and transported on railway tracks, this unit allows rapid on-site production even in the most remote locations.

Sensitive areas

In sensitive areas such as military, mining, airports, and nuclear power plants, thorough security checks are required before allowing any vehicle on-site, increasing waiting time and the risk of concrete hardening. With Cosmix, being a mobile concrete production unit, this problem disappears as the concrete is mixed on-site.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. A Best Tools representative will provide you with all the information you need.

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