Power Generators Rental

Best Tools Company owns one of the newest fleet of power generators available for rent in Romania and one of the largest in terms of the number of units that can be used in a wide range of applications:

  • concerts and events;
  • construction site setups;
  • conducting tests and trials with electrical equipment;
  • providing electrical power in isolated areas or in areas with frequent voltage drops;
  • standby applications.

Video presentation of the RENTAL division by Best Tools (Youtube)

Free consultation

Don’t know how much power you need? Don’t worry. Contact us, and Best Tools experts will help you choose the perfect generator or generators for your needs. Our experience in the field speaks for itself, as we have been involved in various projects over the past 15 years, from international festivals to multiple construction projects, industrial domains, and other applications.

All of the more than 130 generators available for rent are Kohler.

Fast and safe

Best Tools Company offers electric generators for emergency rental. The Best Tools generator fleet is always ready to intervene promptly throughout Romania and neighboring countries. Continuity in supplying electrical power is particularly crucial in certain situations, especially when dealing with critical functions such as hospitals, factories, production halls, supermarkets, etc.

Generator rental – 24/7 availability

The Best Tools fleet of power generators offered for rent includes a number of over 130 soundproof generators and light towers with powers between 12kVA and 1250kVA. We can also supply Western Global external fuel tanks with capacities between 1000 and 3000 litres, power cables and distribution panels, thus providing the complete solution for any customer requirement.

At the same time, we have available a 1,200kVA Load Bank, specifically used for commissioning and testing operations of equipment. All generators in the fleet are regularly tested and reviewed.

In short:

  • The newest fleet of power generators available for rent in Romania
  • Over 100 power generators available for rental
  • Wide range of generators – from 10kVA to 1250kVA
  • Quality and reliability – the entire fleet of power generators is from Kohler-SDMO
  • Additional equipment: fuel tanks, cables, distribution panels, load bank
  • Complete solutions: consultancy, delivery, commissioning, 24/7 technical support nationwide
  • All power generators in the Best Tools fleet adhere to the highest global standards in terms of soundproofing, fuel consumption, and CO2 emissions.


The KOHLER-SDMO power generators have ensured the supply of electricity at cutting-edge festivals, events, and concerts such as Neversea, Electric Castle, Afterhills, Blaj Alive, Airfield Sibiu, Bon Jovi, Depeche Mode, Andrea Bocceli, Creative Fest, Forta Zu, etc. In addition to cultural events (concerts, festivals, fairs, rallies), the power generators offered for rent by Best Tools are also ideal for construction projects (equipment power supply, construction site lighting, welding equipment power supply, temporary energy supply), military applications (equipment power supply, lighting, missions, military exercises), industrial sector (factories, power plants, warehouses), critical applications (hospitals, data centers, emergency situations, hypermarket chains).

High quality standards

The generators available for rent, manufactured in France, have been designed to perform even in demanding environmental conditions. Thanks to advanced technology and control and monitoring systems for each component, the generators provide a very high quality of supplied power and the fastest response in accordance with the most rigorous standards.

Aligned to the strictest norms

The Kohler power generators offered for rent by Best Tools adhere to the highest global standards in terms of soundproofing, fuel consumption, and emissions.

Users will benefit from significant cost savings due to superior fuel efficiency, extended service intervals, and extremely compact dimensions.

Experience & Maintenance

Best Tools Company’s experience in the rental of electric generators is a vast. In recent years, the power generators from our own fleet have been rented out for over 3000 projects of great diversity.

The power generators offered for rent are regularly inspected before being dispatched from the Best Tools headquarters to the client. Load bank testing is the most efficient method to verify the actual performance that a power generator can achieve or to detect any faults in the system.

24/7 support

We emphasize the support service throughout the entire rental period. Consequently, we offer complete professional solutions beyond the rental itself: preliminary consultancy for both simple and special projects, transportation, ancillary equipment (cables, external fuel tanks, distribution panels, UPS units, etc.), and permanent technical support at the final location.

*Best Tools has a fleet of 15 mobile service vans, ready to intervene at any time.

*Best Tools technicians are directly trained by Kohler, regularly participating in workshops and training sessions throughout Europe.

If you wish to rent a generator or light towers, do not hesitate to contact us. Best Tools specialists are at your disposal and can assist you in choosing the perfect power generator for the activities you plan to undertake.