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Multihog offers a complete range of multifunctional machines. The multifunctional tractors can be equipped with over 40 different accessories, useful in just as many applications throughout the year. We invite you to read the presentation, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. A Best Tools representative is at your disposal and will guide you to the perfect multifunctional machine for your needs.

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Product Description

Over 40 functionalities

Multihog multifunctional machines stand out primarily due to the wide range of accessories with which they can be equipped. Thus, through the over 40 types of accessories, Multihog tractors excel in just as many activities. The Irish manufacturer, Multihog, produces a wide variety of accessories designed for an extensive range of applications, from road maintenance, snow clearing, or cleaning to lawn maintenance. The accessories have a robust construction and are manufactured to the highest quality standards, providing durability, efficiency, and safety in use.

Anywhere, all year round

Due to the multitude of existing accessories, Multihog sets new standards in a wide range of fields when it comes to efficiency, low costs, productivity, and operational safety. The continuous development of new types of accessories also increases the range of applications in which these versatile and robust machines can be used: airport maintenance, facility management, municipal activities, road maintenance, etc.

The manufacturer of multifunctional tractors offers solutions that fit perfectly with the requirements of all types of airports. Each multifunctional machine can be equipped with an impressive number of accessories, including runway light cleaner, snow brush, runway marking removal, substance recovery, plow + brush.

At the same time, Multihog multifunctional tractors are ideal for activities in all seasons, including winter.

The wide range of applications for which the machines can be used during winter facilitates the work of operators, allowing them to work efficiently even in unfavorable weather conditions. The plow mounted at the front of the machine, the snow blower, or the combined plow and sweeping accessories, along with the spreaders mounted at the rear of the machine, can create a suitable combination for harsh weather conditions. In other words, the flexibility of Multihog machines allows total control, both of the machine and of the operations, in any situation that may arise.

Focus on the driver

Multihog also puts a lot of emphasis on providing the most relaxed working conditions. The operator/driver of the Irish multifunctional machines is in full control. The ease of maneuverability, the simplicity of the controls, and the overall predictability of the machine make Multihog a driver-oriented tractor, ideal even in extremely demanding working conditions. Operator safety is another strength of Multihog machines.

Clean and efficient

Each Multihog vehicle is designed to perform on all types of terrain, performing very well even off-road when necessary. Additionally, the machines are equipped with some of the cleanest engines on the market, with emissions compliant with the highest standards.

Building a tradition

Although the Irish company Multihog was founded only in 2008, its impressive journey has propelled it into the top ranks of manufacturers in the field. Operating from Dundalk, Ireland, Multihog enjoys an ideal location on the western edge of Europe for designing, producing, and testing multifunctional tractors. Continuous growth is the result of the constant desire for improvement and expansion of the range of multifunctional machines. Thus, Multihog has become a well-established machine in the West, being used in more and more fields.


Regardless of the applications it is intended for, there is a Multihog machine perfectly configured to handle it. Tractors are produced in several variants, different in power and size but similar in terms of the multitude of supported accessories.

Additionally, in the last year, Multihog has created the first sweeper in the range. Discover the sweeper by clicking here.

Additional Information

Representatives of Best Tools Company are at your disposal to provide you with all the information about Multihog multifunctional machines. Tractors can be configured according to customer requirements, with many options for different sizes and powers.