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Interchangeable Summer-Winter Superstructures

Multifunctionality is the future in sanitation. Efficiency of the equipment, from all perspectives, is the main focus for sanitation operators, and obviously, the direction in which manufacturers invest the most. Explore multifunctional equipment for summer and winter, all on a single chassis.

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Product Description

The multifunctional equipment comprises a single truck chassis of choice, equipped with two different superstructures, mounted according to the season: a sweeper and a salt spreader with a plow. Moreover, interchangeable solutions are also available for compact sanitation equipment from Bucher Municipal, with their own chassis. This solution is possible thanks to Bucher Municipal engineers who have managed to create superstructures with different applications that can be exchanged in just a few hours.


Using a single chassis, two completely different machines are obtained, useful in different seasons of the year. Thus, acquisition costs are significantly reduced. Maintenance costs for the two machines are also much lower, as it involves a single platform. Storage during the period when the superstructure is not in use is much easier as well.

Sweeper Superstructure

Bucher Municipal street sweepers, mounted on a truck chassis, are specially designed for complex and demanding applications. The suction power is impressive, and the sweeping efficiency is well-known in the industry. To make the sweeper superstructure interchangeable, a “Quick Change System” rapid exchange system will be mounted on the truck chassis. See the full range of Bucher Municipal street sweepers.

Salt Spreader and Plow

Bucher Municipal winter equipment (salt spreaders, plows, snow blowers) is produced to the highest industry standards and is equipped with intelligent systems that enhance efficiency. These are manufactured in a complete range, with different sizes and capacities, designed to serve any type of application. The Bucher group includes renowned manufacturers of snow removal equipment such as Assaloni.com, Giletta, and Gmeiner. See the full range of Bucher Municipal snow removal equipment.

Compact Multifunctional Equipment

All compact street sweepers in the Bucher Municipal range can be transformed, by mounting small-sized salt spreaders and plows, into true snow removal machines for light and medium-duty applications.

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