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Menzi Muck Multifunctional Excavator

Multifunctional Menzi Muck machines are globally renowned for successfully completing operations considered impossible on any type of terrain, in any environment, and on steep slopes. Discover Menzi Muck multifunctional excavators and contact us if you have any questions. Best Tools Company representatives will provide you with all the requested information.

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Product Description

Menzi Muck machines are available in various variants but are broadly divided into two main categories: wheeled and tracked. Wheeled machines are known as “mobile excavators,” equipped with wheels and legs for movement and work.

Multifunctional excavators with legs

This category includes nine machines: M545x, M535x, M525x, M540, M340, M335, M320/325, M220, A20. They differ in size, power, features, components, abilities, etc.

The special features of these excavators are possible due to a sophisticated chassis created using the most advanced technologies and a patented special arm. Various hydraulic cylinders allow the Menzi Muck multifunctional machine to adapt its wheels and supports to any type of terrain, no matter how rugged or inclined. Due to this ability, in some countries, Menzi Muck machines have earned the nickname “spider excavator.”

Thanks to the adjustable supports for wheels and fixing legs, Menzi Muck machines can be set up before any application to be perfectly optimized for the task. Thus, Menzi Muck produces excavation forces much higher than those of conventional excavators. For example, a 9.5-ton Menzi Muck produces a force similar to that of a 20-ton tracked excavator.

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Tracked Menzi Muck Excavator

Performance increase by up to 70% in the 14-ton class.

The multifunctional excavator is a global exclusive. With these specifications, the 14-ton tracked Menzi Muck excavator with 157 HP is unique in the world. The telescopic arm with a wide angle and other features of the machine can make the impossible possible. The engine is perfectly sized for all tasks that the tracked multifunctional excavator can undertake.

Menzi Master M515 Specifications:

– Tracked chassis with variable track gauge, from 2,500 to 3,500 mm.
– Machine weight without accessories: 14,500 kg.
– Climbing ability: 94%.

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Menzi Muck multifunctional excavators are useful in numerous activities across various industries and environments. Here are the most popular operating areas for Swiss machines:

– Construction
– Railway construction
– Forestry
– Special civil engineering
– Municipal services
– Landscaping

Extensive range of accessories

Menzi Muck excavators are multifunctional and can be transformed from excavators into various types of machines.