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ENERGY | Discover the new product category

We launched the “Energy” category This refreshed space on our website is dedicated to exploring and understanding the innovative energy solutions we offer, designed to revolutionize the way we produce, store and interact with energy. Whether you are looking for generator sets, renewable energy sources, advanced storage solutions or...

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Protecting the Environment: Kohler makes the transition to HVO

One of the world’s leading generator manufacturers is transitioning to HVO, a fuel that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% compared to fossil fuels. Kohler Power Systems EMEA announced earlier this year that its headquarters and production units in Brest, France, have switched their entire diesel...

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Completion and Commissioning of the Sludge Composting Station in Câmpia Turzii

A project carried out by Best Tools Company for Arieș Turda Water Company The construction, commissioning, and testing of the sludge composting station in Câmpia Turzii have been completed. This achievement represents a significant step towards sustainable waste management in the local community and beyond. The testing phases of...

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150 years of KOHLER

KOHLER, one of the main external partners of Best Tools Company, has celebrated its 150th anniversary. KOHLER Company was established in 1873 and has an extremely rich history, with activities spanning across multiple divisions. Over time, the American company has innovated, set trends, and continued to provide quality solutions...

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HVO – The key to decarbonisation

The importance of backup generators is well-known: we need reliable reserve power for essential systems such as data centers, smart grids, hospitals, production utilities, airports, and so on. However, we also need to drastically reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change. With diesel generators...

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Best Tools project: 9 Megawatt generating set system

The electricity market is currently experiencing a period of global uncertainty, with energy prices far from stable. These price fluctuations and conflicting information from the media have significantly changed the strategies of companies in various industries, including manufacturing, regarding energy security. The border conflict near Romania has further heightened...

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PNRR Funds Guide for Waste Management

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) encompasses nearly all areas in Romania that require more or less urgent investments to align with European standards and stimulate the economy. In this article, we will address the component related to waste management. Component C3 of Pillar 1 of the PNRR...

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Sanitation equipment by direct purchase

Last year, the Romanian Government published Law 208/2022 in the Official Gazette, regarding direct public acquisitions, which came into effect on September 10, 2022. According to this new law, the maximum amount that local administrations can invest in the direct purchase of sanitation equipment, for example, is 270,120 lei,...

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Bucher CityCat VR50e awarded at the German Design Awards

Bucher Municipal received the GOLD award at the German Design Awards 2023 for the electric sweeper CityCat VR50e. Winning one of the most prestigious awards in various industries is a recognition of the Swiss manufacturer’s innovations. Bucher equipped the new machine with its battery-based technology, creating one of the...

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Kohler-SDMO becomes KOHLER

Kohler-SDMO, the generator manufacturer from France, acquired by the American company Kohler in 2005, has completed its planned brand transition, officially becoming Kohler. Founded in 1966 in Brest, France, SDMO became Kohler-SDMO in 2016 to reflect its role in the global Kohler network. With the final alignment to the...

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One project, 34 Kohler generators

In the last few weeks, almost all departments of Best Tools Company have been directly involved in the implementation of a special project. A total of 34 Kohler generators have been delivered to a single customer, spread across nearly 30 different locations in Romania. Details: 25 generators of 22...

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Generator Rentals – Concerts, Festivals, and Events

The season of festivals, concerts, and cultural events of all kinds has begun, and the Best Tools Company sales, service, and support teams are already involved in numerous projects. The Importance of Generators During these events, whether used as primary or backup power sources, electric generators are indispensable. They...

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