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Waste collection underground platforms

It’s time to “bury” the waste problem near our homes. Let’s explore together the benefits that underground waste collection platforms can bring to the community you are part of.

*Available for purchase and implementation through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).

Product Description

Streamlining Selective Collection

Selective waste collection is a delicate point in waste management in Romania. Underground waste collection platforms are certainly a solution to consider. The 4 buried bins are intended for selective collection based on waste types: Wet Fraction/Household Waste, Paper/Cardboard, Glass, Plastic/Metal. The stainless steel bins, located on the surface, are labeled with the corresponding message for each type of waste to eliminate any misunderstandings among residents. Additionally, the operator can be provided with a monitoring system for the fill level of each underground bin separately, facilitating efficient and selective waste collection, and ultimately recycling.


The urban architectural appearance of underground waste collection points has the most significant impact on residents. The platforms are designed to seamlessly integrate into the scenario in which they are placed. To achieve this, concrete slabs, mosaic, asphalt, or even plates made of different materials are used, all to allow the collection points to blend into the urban or rural landscape where they are located. The pleasant appearance is an essential factor in modernizing and aligning with common sense standards.

However, appearance is by no means the most important benefit that these systems bring to both users and operators.

The method of placing the bins underground significantly reduces the covered surface. A study in this regard shows that the underground platform occupies only 1.6 square meters at the above-ground level, a major improvement compared to traditional bins, which occupy a space of 14 square meters. The space release brings multiple benefits for the residents of the areas in question, with affected pathways and occupied space reduced by up to 80%. Additionally, the unpleasant odor emitted by traditional bins is entirely eliminated from the discussion. The underground location also accounts for a reduction of up to 100% in the risk of vandalism and unwanted human and animal access to waste. Unwanted human access is no longer a problem, thanks to the Smart Card Access system. Only cardholders can use these underground bins for waste disposal. The collection point is equipped with a sealed system from the construction phase, making flooding impossible.

Substantially Reduced Maintenance Costs

The maintenance cost of underground waste collection platforms is very low compared to traditional points. This is due to several factors that may seem less important at first glance. For example, underground waste collection points use containers without lids, and these have a purchase price up to 15% lower than those with lids. Also, the bins are designed to prevent access by rodents and pests. Thus, costly rodent control actions are a thing of the past. Repairs and replacements resulting from vandalism can also be considered problems excluded from the equation.

Monitoring and Management

The underground waste collection platforms designed by Best Tools Company offer intelligent solutions to local operators. The integrated electronic monitoring and management system centralizes data on the fill level, weight of each collected container, its type, address, users, or the collected fraction. At the same time, the system provides the operator with data on the GPS position of the collection trucks, warns when the containers are approaching full, and optimizes the routes for emptying full containers. All these benefits also lead to a reduction in energy and fuel consumption, avoiding even more pollution.

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