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Above-ground waste collection platforms

Above-ground modular platforms are designed for selective waste collection in multiple fractions. If you have questions or would like a price quote, feel free to contact us.

*Available for purchase and implementation through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).

Product Description

The above-ground waste collection system has proven its efficiency in all the localities where it has been installed, offering numerous benefits to both the community and the authorities.

What do the above-ground platforms contain, and how do they work?

The above-ground platforms, being modular, can be composed of several compartments. In each compartment, a standard uncovered container with a capacity of 1100 liters can be easily inserted. When full, the containers can be easily removed from the modules by opening the doors for emptying into waste collection vehicles with conventional superstructures.

The entire system is made of corrosion-resistant metals. All metal structures are primed in two layers and painted for long-lasting resistance to external factors.

Composed of 3, 4, or even more compartments, joined and fixed by screws on the inside to remain invisible, the platforms represent a complete and well-defined system, regardless of the number of modules, fitting perfectly into any urban or rural landscape. Moreover, the modules can be mounted both in a line and back to back, depending on the available space or customer requirements.

The waste insertion slots are also made of primed and painted metal in colors specific to each waste fraction. The dimensions of these waste loading slots are approximately 400 x 350 mm.

Color codes for different waste fractions:
– Yellow is for the collection of metal and plastic (foils, PEID, PET, PVC, and other plastic materials, as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metals).
– Blue is for the collection of paper and cardboard (printed paper, mixed paper).
– Green is for the collection of glass (colored and white glass).
– Grey or brown is for the collection of mixed fraction (biowaste and household waste).


The above-ground selective waste collection system eliminates numerous problems caused by current designated collection spaces. They greatly reduce unpleasant odors, the risk of vandalism to interior containers, the risk of rodents and stray or wild animals. They also have a modern appearance that fits perfectly into any urban or rural landscape.

Technical Features

The above-ground platforms have been designed to be as efficient as possible, both in terms of use and financially.

  • Shelter capacity: 1 Eurocontainer of 1.1 m³.
  • External dimensions/module: 1300mm x 1500 mm x 2000 mm (width x depth x height).
  • Made of hot-dip galvanized S235 steel.
  • Sandwich-type panels: minimum thickness of 30mm.
  • One access door for each module.
  • One waste dumping slot for each module.

Optional Features

The above-ground platforms can be equipped with smart access control systems by installing card readers on each module, allowing access only to assigned residents.

As an optional feature, the power supply for access systems can be provided through photovoltaic panels, a battery, and a charging controller.