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Semi-underground waste collection containers

Translation: Efficiency, numerous benefits for end-users and authorities, as well as a pleasing architectural aspect, are just a few elements that recommend them in any locality. For price quotes and other information, contact us.

Product Description

Translation: There are two types of semi-buried containers for selective waste collection: Z-Bin and R-Bin. These have different shapes – spherical and rectangular, are available in various sizes, offer numerous benefits, and can be installed in any space.

Selective Collection

  • One fraction: The R-Bin Maxi Solo 5000L container has the largest volume in the range, perfect for collecting a single fraction.
  • Two fractions: R-Bin containers can be installed in the Duo 3000L version. This version includes two 3000-liter containers, mounted in the same location, perfect for collecting two different fractions.
  • Three fractions: For the collection of three different fractions, it is recommended to combine Solo 3000L containers (1 pc.) and Duo 1500L containers (2 pcs.). This way, an optimal collection capacity can be selected for each of the three fractions.
  • Four fractions: The most efficient solution is to use the Quartet 1500L system (4 pcs.) version of the R-Bin. Through this variant, 4 different fractions can be collected in 1500L containers each.


Semi-buried selective waste collection containers are available with capacities ranging from 100l to 5000l. They can be customized according to customer requirements.

Maxi – Maxi containers are the most efficient semi-buried containers. These perfectly combine the benefits of a large collection volume and occupying a small external space. The installation depth is approximately 1.5 meters.

Compact – Semi-buried containers from the Compact range are designed to combine a large collection capacity and installation at a maximum depth of 50cm. Compact is the perfect solution for places where access to depths greater than 50 cm is difficult or restricted.

Flex – Flex containers are ideal for situations that require a flexible waste collection solution, such as small or large events involving the participation of multiple people, such as festivals. Flex Z-Bin containers have a large collection capacity, can be emptied quickly, and, not requiring permanent installation, can be moved at any time.


Containers are emptied by lifting the bag from the inside. There are three types of bags, each perfect for certain fractions: flexible bags, semi-hard bags, and hard bags.

Smart Solutions

Semi-buried containers, like underground waste collection platforms, can be equipped with smart systems: fill sensors, intelligent opening devices, sensors that determine the type of waste collected, etc. Additionally, semi-buried containers can be integrated into the Smart system of the locality, specific to Smart City concepts.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Best Tools representatives will guide you to the perfect waste collection solution for the needs of your community.