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Distribution and bodywork and equipment fitting services for Unimog chassis. Best Tools is an approved partner of Mercedes-Benz Trucks. Explore the multifunctional machines in the Best Tools range and contact us. A company representative will answer any questions and guide you to the perfect machine for your needs.

*For price quotes and other details about the multifunctional equipment, feel free to contact us.

Product Description

Best Tools Company offers bodywork and equipment fitting services for Unimog chassis. It can be transformed, for example, into a genuine snow removal vehicle by equipping it with a salt spreader and plow, as well as into other machines for municipal and road maintenance.


Representatives from Best Tools provide consultancy to help choose the fittings for multifunctional Unimog vehicles. This is based on preliminary discussions to determine the specific applications for which the machine will be used. Depending on the client’s needs, Best Tools technicians can equip the Unimog with any type of accessory.


The multifunctionality of Unimog is well-recognized in the industry. Reliability, quality, high power, and the multitude of applications in which it can be used make Unimog a perfect multifunctional machine.