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UNI MOBIL UM-SM tile installation device

Product Description

Assembly Cart UNI MOBIL UM-SM – basic version

The basic version (without suction plate) is equipped with the Battery-powered Vacuum Stone Magnet SM device (see table on page 2.1).

UNI MOBIL UM-SM is the perfect vacuum mounting system for porous slabs and stones.

• It comes with handles on the suction plate and a suspension system with the possibility of rotating 90° for perfect positioning of the slabs.
• Note: Suction plates must be ordered separately. Refer to the table.

Advantage: The easiest and most precise positioning of slabs is possible. The slabs can be lifted again. Suitable for porous stones.

Note: Very porous stones cannot be handled with this device.

If you already use the SM device, request a price quote for upgrading and transforming it into UM-SM!

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