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TIG welding machine Miller Dynasty 350 AC/DC HF

TIG Welding Machine Miller Dynasty 350 AC/DC HF. Explore all the welding machines distributed by Best Tools and contact us if you want to order equipment. Best Tools specialists are at your disposal to guide you towards the welding machine that perfectly fits your applications.

Product Description

Recommended for heavy-duty and high-precision industrial applications. Often used in aerospace, naval, and aluminum shipbuilding industries.

Product Description

It can be powered from any power source between 208V and 575V, ensuring uninterrupted operation, ideal for unstable power sources.
Wind Tunnel Technology™ protects electronic components from airborne contaminants and dust, resulting in increased reliability. 120-volt auxiliary power: The water cooling source is powered directly into the machine. Fan-On-Demand: The cooling system operates only when necessary, avoiding additional noise and dust circulation through the machine. Blue Lightning™: Instant high-frequency TIG ignition (HF) prevents electrode sticking to the workpiece. Auto-postflow: Automatically calculates the gas release time after the welding process stops, allowing safe solidification without the risk of weld contamination.

MMA Features:

Allows modification of welding arc characteristics based on electrode type and application, whether for fine or deep penetration welds. Adaptive HOT START function for easy electrode ignition. Electric arc control in alternating current mode for a smoother weld.

AC TIG Welding Features:

Independent control of current and frequency for precise control of the electric arc and heat. Control over the oxide produced during aluminum welding, ensuring high-quality welds. Frequency adjustment between 20 and 400Hz controls the size and power of the electric arc.

Types of wave frequency adjustment:

Advance squarewave: For quick solidification capacity, deep penetration, and fast travel.
Soft squarewave: Exceptional control of the amount of melted material at low penetration.
Sine wave: For customers who prefer older welding methods; quiet and with a larger volume of melted material.
Triangular wave: Reduces heat levels and is suitable for thin aluminum welding at high travel speeds.

DC TIG Welding Features:

Extremely fine and precise welds can be made on a range of exotic materials. Pulsed welding at high frequency, capable of 5000 pulses/min, improves arc stability, reduces heat levels, and increases travel speed.

Technical Data

  • Product: Miller Dynasty 350 AC/DC HF TIG Welding Machine
  • Power Supply Voltage: 208-575 V
  • Current Range: 0 – 350A
  • Usable Electrode Diameter: 1 – 8 mm
  • Aluminum Welding: Yes
  • Usable Current at 60% Duty Cycle: 300 A
  • Maximum Usable Current: 350 A
  • Duty Cycle at Maximum Current: 30%
  • Maximum Absorbed Current: 35 A
  • Absorbed Current at 60%: 32 A
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 75 V
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 629 x 349 x 559 mm
  • Weight: 61 Kg

Warranty: 36 months