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Miller Maxstar280 DX welding machine

Miller Maxstar280 DX welding machine. Discover all the welding machines distributed by Best Tools and contact us if you want to order an equipment. Best Tools specialists are at your disposal to guide you to the welding machine that fits perfectly on your applications.

Product Description

Recommended for high-precision metal fabrication in the petrochemical, aerospace, food, and naval industries.

Product Description:

Upgradeable, always up-to-date with the latest Miller technologies. The machine has a memory card port for software updates, providing the latest welding procedures and technologies. Pro Set: Welding parameter settings are done automatically based on the material type, its thickness, and the electrode thickness. This way, the machine delivers the best settings every time.

Welding Types: TIG DC, Pulsed TIG, electrode. The “Sleep timer” function helps conserve energy and turns off the machine after a certain period of inactivity. AutoLine function allows power supply from any source with a voltage between 208V and 575V without operator intervention. The machine is equipped with a 120V socket for powering the Coolmate 1.3 liquid cooling system. Blue Lightning Arc Starter: Automatically sets the starting amperage based on the tungsten electrode size used. Wind tunnel technology: Protects internal electronic components from contaminants.

DC TIG Welding Features:

– Pulsed mode increases arc speed and stability while reducing temperature.
– Exceptional qualities in achieving high-quality welds for exotic materials.

Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) Features:

– DIG control allows modification of the welding arc characteristics for each type of coated electrode.
– Hot Start function prevents the electrode from sticking during ignition.

Stick-Stuck detects if the electrode is stuck and interrupts the electric current for safe removal. The function can be deactivated from the menu.

Technical Specifications:

– Product: Miller Maxstar 280 DX Welding Machine
– Power Supply Voltage: 208-575V
– Power Range: 1-280A
– Power at 60% Duty Cycle: 200A
– Dimensions: 346 x 219 x 569 mm
– Weight: 22.7 kg

Warranty: 36 months