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TIG welding machine AC/DC Miller Dynasty 700

Miller Dynasty 700 AC/DC TIG welding machine. Discover all the welding machines distributed by Best Tools and contact us if you want to order a piece of equipment. Best Tools specialists are at your disposal to guide you to the welding machine that fits perfectly on your applications.

Product Description

Miller Electric, based in Appleton, Wisconsin, United States, produces a complete range of welding and cutting equipment designed for metal fabrication, factories, construction, aviation, motor sports, education, agriculture, and marine applications. The company maintains its position as a global leader by setting industry standards for reliability and quality. Its famous slogan, “The Power of Blue®,” is inspired by the blue color of Miller equipment.

This company began with an innovation that responded to customer needs, growing from a one-man operation to the world’s largest manufacturer of arc welding and cutting equipment.

Product Description

A true example of Miller’s motto, “The Power of Blue,” the Dynasty 700 TIG welding machine is a compact yet highly powerful AC/DC power source. With a maximum amperage of 700A, it allows welding aluminum up to 2.5 cm thick! The AutoLine function enables power supply from any source with a voltage between 208V and 575V without operator intervention. This machine is suitable for the aerospace industry, heavy metallurgical industry, processing and production of pipelines, and is even suitable for automated welding processes. A new added accessory is the wireless remote control that allows adjusting the machine settings without connecting cables.

Among the advanced features available to the welder are:

– Blue Lightning Arc Starter: automatically sets the starting amperage based on the size of the tungsten electrode used.
– Auto Postflow: calculates the postflow duration based on the amperage used, helping conserve the tungsten electrode and preventing porosity.
– Independent control of amperage and amplitude.
– Adjustable AC frequency: 20-400Hz.
– High-speed pulsed current control: up to 5000 pulses per second to increase arc stability and work speed.

Technical Specifications:

– Product: Miller Dynasty 700 AC/DC TIG Welding Machine
– Power Supply Voltage: 208-575V
– Current Range: 5-700A
– Usable Electrodes: 2-10mm
– Welds Aluminum: Yes
– Usable Current at 60% Duty Cycle: 600A
– Maximum Usable Current: 700A
– Weight: 90 Kg

Warranty: 36 months