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Welding machine Miller Dynasty 200 DX AC/DC

Welding machine Miller Dynasty 200 DX AC/DC. Discover all the welding machines distributed by Best Tools and contact us if you want to order an equipment. Best Tools specialists are at your disposal to guide you to the welding machine that fits perfectly on your applications.

Product Description

Product Description

Miller welding machine designed for industrial use. It can be used for TIG welding, Pulsed TIG, and MMA – Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) with a coated electrode. AutoLine power supply – accepts any voltage between 120V and 460V without operator intervention. The equipment in the picture is the complete version with all accessories: foot pedal, cart, liquid cooling group, etc. Equipped with Lift Arc and HF – high-frequency arc initiation. Blue Lightning Arc Starter – automatically sets the starting parameters based on the tungsten electrode thickness set by the welder.

Technical specifications:

Product: Miller Dynasty 200 DX AC/DC Welding Machine
Power Supply Voltage: 120-460 V
Current Range: 1-200 A
Usable Electrode: 1-4 mm
Welds Aluminum: Yes
Maximum Usable Current: 200 A
Duty Cycle at 60% of Maximum Current: 175 A
Open-Circuit Voltage: 80 V
Weight: 16 Kg

Delivery Kit:

Miller Dynasty 200 DX Welding Machine equipped with TIG Weldcraft welding gun and Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) electrode welding kit.

Warranty: 36 months