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SA Leveling Alignment Device

String-Along SA is an extremely easy-to-use leveling alignment device designed to simplify work and eliminate wasted time. Explore all the products in the Best Tools range. If you have any questions or if you want to purchase a device, feel free to contact us. A Best Tools representative is always available to assist you, providing all the details you need and, if necessary, guiding you to the perfect tools for your activities.

Product Description

String-Along SA

String-Along SA is even easier to use in such situations. Not even marking on the pegs is necessary anymore: slide the SA device onto the peg until it reaches the measured height by LF, then tighten the screw. Done. Now, the string can be wound around the SA, and the gripping teeth will keep it permanently in a fixed position.

• In general, SA can be used for all types of string lining and is particularly useful in cases where the string needs to be temporarily removed and then put back in the same position.
• The gripping teeth keep the string permanently taut.
• Knots on the string or confusing marks on the pegs are eliminated.
• Comes in a bag with 12 clamps.