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Paving machine VM 401

Paver Installation Machine VM 401. The machine is specially designed to streamline the paver installation process, but not only that. It can be considered a true multifunctional machine, being useful in numerous activities by simply changing the attached tools. Study the product, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. A Best Tools specialist will help you choose the perfect machine for your needs.

Product Description

The Probst VM 401 machine is an innovative, state-of-the-art paver installation equipment that sets new standards with its exceptional comfort, high transport capacity, and modular design. It incorporates well-established features of the MV series, such as the robust chassis and the double-jointed steering.

The powerful 4-cylinder diesel engine provides sufficient power reserve. The spacious driver’s cabin is separated from the chassis, and the joystick-based control has been improved for comfortable operation.

The modular configuration of the cabin and hydraulic system allows the installation of customized equipment tailored to different requirements, such as the optional scratch-resistant toughened glass for the cabin.

Standard Equipment:

• Hydraulic installation clamp HVZ-uni (see detailed description on page 1.4) with automatic ADV pushing device for precise joint creation, according to standards (time-saving – no need for hammering!).
• Kubota 4-cylinder diesel engine, 26.5 kW / 36 HP at 3000 rpm. Very smooth operation and high power reserve.
• Adjustable steering column. The angle of each pedal can be independently adjusted. Excellent visibility towards the edge of the installation surface.
• Continuous hydraulic rotor for precise steering of the HVZ-uni clamp from the driver’s seat. Equipped with four rotating hydraulic joints, ensuring no direct connection between the machine and the attached accessory, eliminating the risk of injury due to hydraulic hose twisting.
• Shock-resistant rearview mirror offers a wide viewing angle, eliminating blind spots.
• Double-jointed steering column and low center of gravity provide exceptional maneuverability and stability. No uneven loads or misalignments on uncompacted pavers.
• Complete visibility, including to the rear. Paver installation machines move at 30% of the speed in reverse!
• Sensitive hydrostatic front-wheel drive. Wide tires and different track widths between front and rear.
• Wide tires and different track widths between front and rear axles ensure minimal stress on uncompacted pavers and easy maneuverability.
• Perfect vehicle for any type of terrain due to large tire diameter and high ground clearance.
• Large turning radius, approximately 1,600 m from the stopped position, achieved only by locking the steering.
• High lifting capacity for handling double-stacked pallets up to a height of 1,600 mm, achieving considerable time savings in movement.
• No negative effects on stability due to the short turning radius, even with large lifting heights. The reduced overall height of the MV machine allows work in underground parking lots.
• Wide tires and spring dampers of the installation clamp ensure smooth operation.

Optional Additional Equipment:

• Driver’s cabin with scratch-resistant toughened glass, glass door for the cabin.
• Heated cabin.
• Radio with CD player.
• Special front and rear lights for optimal illumination of the paving area.
• Modern and robust programmable electronic control system (PLC) with preselector for the following sequences of movements of the HVZ-uni installation clamp:

Manual operation: All movements of the installation clamp are controlled by joystick and pedals.
Semi-automatic: All movements of the pushing device are automatically controlled.
Fully automatic: All movements of the clamp are correctly ordered by the electronic control system. Using the joystick, each individual movement can be activated at any time.
Automatic change: modified program for transitioning rectangular pavers from cross or stacked laying to longitudinal laying.

Probst is the most important German manufacturer of equipment for handling and installing pavers, concrete slabs, curbs, and other precast elements. Best Tools Company is an official Probst dealer in Romania.