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Paving installation machine VM 301

Paving Machine VM 301. The machine is specifically designed to assist in the installation of pavers and more. It is a true multifunctional machine that, through the interchangeability of attachments, can perform various types of applications on all construction sites. Study the machine, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. A Best Tools representative is always ready to provide you with all the information you need to ensure that you make the right choice.

Product Description

Performance and Efficiency

Future-oriented technology – modern design. A versatile machine for installing all common paver configurations. An upgrade/improvement of the already established paving machine MV 203.

Standard Features

• Spacious driver’s cabin with secure scratch-resistant windows, providing excellent visibility in all directions and a high level of comfort. Side walls can be removed, and doors can be opened.
• Excellent visibility towards the edge of the installation surface.
• Heated cabin to ensure a suitable working climate.
• Control panel with a futuristic joystick firmly attached to the driver’s seat, always allowing an ergonomic position for operators of all sizes.
• Modern and robust programmable electronic control system (PLC) with the ability to switch between the following processes:
– Manual operation: All movements of the mounting clamp can be controlled from the joystick and pedals.
– Semi-automatic: In addition, all movements of the pushing device are automatically controlled.
– Automatic: All movements of the clamp are controlled in the correct order by the electronic control system. Using the joystick, any distinct movement can be commanded at any time.
– Automatic change: For changing the installation mode, for example, from laying on the width to laying lengthwise of the pavers.
• Clock for counting work cycles.
• Hydraulic rotor between the clamp and arm for precise adjustment of the mounting clamp from the operator’s station.
• Stereo radio with cassette player.
• Working lights in front and rear.
• Built-in rearview mirror, completely protected against damage, without a “blind spot”!
• Optimized hydraulic system for fast work and energy savings.

Proven Components Have Been Retained:

• Hydraulic mounting clamp HVZ-uni (see description on page 1.3), automatic pushing device ADV, for precise and gap-free installation – time-saving without additional adjustments.
• Quick handling and absolute stability are achieved with a double-articulated steering column and a favorable center of gravity position.
• Unlimited visibility in all directions – including rearward, as paving machines move at 30% of the speed in reverse.
• Kubota 3-cylinder diesel engine, 18.7 kW / 25 HP – for ample power reserve. Advantage: always allows operation at medium speed (low noise level)!
• Low emissions, compliant with ECE 24 and CARB 1 standards. Sensitive hydrostatic drive on the front wheels. Wide tires and different front and rear axle spacings ensure low stress on uncompacted pavers and easy maneuverability.
• Large-diameter and high-ground-clearance tires, allowing use on rough terrain.
• Large pivot radius, approximately 1,600 mm from a static position, achieved only by steering without displacing the pavement.
• Double articulated steering column, allowing maneuvering in the tightest spaces. The perimeter is adapted to the steering geometry, meaning that if there are obstacles, the vehicle has no protruding components.
• High lifting height allows handling double-stacked pallets up to a height of 1,600 mm, providing significant time savings in transportation.
• Narrow swing space ensures that the stability of the machine is not compromised even when lifting to great heights. This, together with the low overall height, is important when working in underground parking lots.
• Large-diameter tires and the elastic mounting of the clamp ensure smooth driving.


• Hydraulic clamp VZ-HS-50/150 for curb installation
• PC-VM uni Paver Cat
• EB 240 Broom
• VPM Vacuum Power Max
• Sand sweeping and watering system KES VARIOKON
• Counterweights* for increasing transport capacity by 80 kg (175 lbs)
• Additional weight* to increase transport capacity by 35 kg (can be used together with the 80 kg counterweight).

* At an appropriate travel speed and with lowered load.

The working technique is broadly the same for both paving machines, VM 203 and VM 301 ROBOTEC. They differ only slightly in terms of modern working conditions. MV 301 has a cabin equipped with scratch-resistant, heated windows, and electronic control via an easy-to-operate joystick. Both types of machines can be maneuvered in narrow spaces for quick paver installation. Due to the very compact dimensions of the machines, operators have perfect visibility both forward and backward.

The center of gravity remains in the middle of the machine at all times. This ensures high stability in any working position. The patented chassis of the paving machine has a dual pivot center.

Even in tight turns on freshly installed pavers, the pavers are not displaced. The wheels do not displace the pavers but roll on them. The different front and rear axle spacing ensures low stress on uncompacted pavers.

The HVZ-uni mounting clamp, with automatic pushing device, guarantees precise joint width for compliance with standards.

Probst paving machines are equipped with HVZ mounting clamps with the ADV S Standard automatic pushing device. The pavers are pushed, row by row, into the sand substrate. The pavers do not lift during installation but are placed precisely. There is no need for correct repositioning of the pavers through manual tapping with a mallet. Some paver installers who used mounting clamps without ADV technology tend to resort to manual tapping even now when using ADV. This is not necessary: it requires a large amount of work, time, and money and can even be detrimental. Detrimental because it involves tensioning the joints, which does not comply with standards. Standards require joints of 3 to 5 mm. Concrete pavers are equipped with so-called spacers around the perimeter, which have a thickness between 2.7 and 3 mm. The mounting clamp presses the row from four directions, so all pavers are pushed against each other, and the spacers touch the adjacent paver. When the clamp opens and the ADV device presses the pavers down onto the mounting surface, the pavers tend to move apart slightly. This leads to widening of the joints by 0.4 – 1.0 mm over the spacer thickness. If the joints are further reduced by unnecessary tapping with a mallet, the spacers touch even more of the adjacent paver, and the joint becomes smaller and non-compliant with specifications. In this case, the stability of the pavement cannot be ensured.

Highest Grip Safety

Independent steel claws, equipped with springs, ensure a secure grip on individual pavers when transporting large pallets.
Strong lateral gripping arms can, for example, change the position of rectangular pavers in the installation row using PA adapter sets. When installing spike-shaped pavers, the FA adapter for spike shape can be used to avoid the need for using half pavers on the sides.

Probst Paving Machines. Universal and Future-oriented

VM 203 and VM 301 are universal machines that allow the attachment of a large number of devices for various tasks. Clamps for curb installation, sand sweeping and watering systems, vacuum mounting systems for different concrete or natural stone pavers, as well as numerous special tools presented in this catalog. Probst develops its products starting from the basic construction machine. This ensures compatibility of new accessories with existing machines.

Probst is the leading German manufacturer of equipment for handling and installing pavers, concrete slabs, curbs, and other prefabricated elements. Best Tools Company is the official Probst dealer in Romania.