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Norba Multi Fraction garbage truck

The Norba Multi Fraction series proposes a practical solution: separate collection of municipal waste. Norba Multi Fraction offers a wide range of flexible vehicles and intelligent features to streamline the collection and disposal of waste. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us. Best Tools representatives are at your disposal.

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Product Description

Equipped with state-of-the-art systems and having compact dimensions, Norba waste collection vehicles meet modern waste disposal requirements. As the world becomes increasingly urbanized, the Norba Multi Fraction series is a practical solution for separate waste collection.

The rear loader is composed of two separate and sealed compartments that can be operated independently. Norba Multi Fraction offers a wide range of flexible vehicles and intelligent features to assist in responsible waste disposal.

Environmentally-friendly waste collection vehicles

As most of our clients set trends in revolutionizing waste management, Norba waste collection vehicles stimulate innovation. By having the ability to collect and manage waste individually, the use of the rear loader generates advanced recycling opportunities. The standard multifunctional rear loader consists of two sealed compartments, each with its own compaction mechanism. This ensures that there is no risk of cross-contamination, even when dumping waste at the landfill or incinerator.

Another environmentally-friendly feature is the SmartPack system, which requires a minimal amount of energy from the engine for efficient operation. With this system, you can optimize waste collection for maximum efficiency in relation to fuel consumption, working in a more ecological manner.

Increased flexibility

With the Multi Fraction series, you can collect two different fractions simultaneously. If you want to further separate waste collection, this unit is the ideal choice. Optionally, you can add a waste collection bin between the body and the cabin of this rear loader. Since different collection areas have different types and quantities of waste, we have designed the rear loader to be flexible to meet these demands. Therefore, the body volume ranges from 11 to 24 m3. The waste collection vehicles are flexible and secure, made from high-strength steel to enhance these qualities. They are equipped with intelligent control panels to provide the safest operation possible.

If you have any questions regarding waste collection vehicles with a separate waste collection system, contact us.