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LI-ION Power Electric Garbage Truck

Our mission for the upcoming period is to distribute as many zero-emission machines as possible. Explore the entire range of electric sanitation equipment and contact us if you have any questions.

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Product Description

The LI-ON Power refuse collector uses innovative technology based on lithium-ion batteries. The battery pack powers both the body and the lift. The payload remains high due to the intelligent battery technology, and being partially electrically operated, waste collection and compaction are done almost silently. Additionally, the battery weighs only 600 kg and is designed very intelligently, being extremely compact to further improve the payload and capacity of the vehicle.


The battery can be automatically recharged while driving, ensuring full power and excellent performance. It is necessary to recharge the battery weekly by connecting it to the power grid to balance and improve its lifespan. LI-ON POWER on a hybrid chassis provides the best environmental results.

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