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Geesink Garbage Truck

Geesink uses a modern compaction system that provides more efficiency and productivity for waste collection vehicles. If you have any questions regarding the Geesinknorba garbage truck, don’t hesitate to contact us. A Best Tools representative will provide you with all the details you need.

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Product Description

Geesink uses a modern compaction system that offers more efficiency and productivity for waste collection vehicles.

A Powerful Garbage Truck

By using a high-performance compaction mechanism, it is guaranteed that the Geesinknorba garbage truck is used to its maximum capacity, while the curved floor and continuously welded body contribute to reducing the chances of leakage, wear, and corrosion. The body of the Geesink garbage truck is made from a single piece of high-strength steel, and the weight of the body has been reduced to ensure the maximum payload. With a large collection space, energy consumption is reduced through fewer compaction cycles, and the service life is extended by isolating waste from the compactor mechanism as much as possible.

An Efficient Garbage Truck

The Geesink garbage truck can handle all types of waste, from wet waste to large or bulky waste. With a durable compaction mechanism and a wide interior body, it has no problems collecting industrial or large-sized pieces. The body can be combined with various integrated lifts for different applications, using the smallest rear console. It is available in the standard width of 2.5 meters but also comes in a smaller range of 2.2 meters to increase maneuverability on narrow city streets.

Easy Maintenance

Easy access to vital components, such as the oil pump, pivots, and hydraulic and control system, facilitates easy maintenance. All wear-sensitive parts are made of high-strength steel.

More Control

Geesink garbage trucks are equipped with a new control system that provides the driver with information about the garbage truck and its components through a screen in the cabin. The system quickly provides a complete diagnosis of the components and is a real troubleshooting tool for operators, either from the cabin or from a remote location via GSM.


Geesinknorba’s commitment to progress and innovation is very clear when it comes to safety technology. The garbage truck body, together with the integrated lifts, complies with the new standards 1501-1 / 5 and EMC requirements, and the new control system exceeds the latest safety requirements that are to be prepared for the future. Of course, our bodies can be mounted on any Euro six chassis.

If you have more questions about the garbage truck, contact us.