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Miller Dynasty 280 AC/DC welding machine

Miller Dynasty 280 AC/DC welding machine. Discover all the welding machines distributed by Best Tools and contact us if you want to order an equipment. Best Tools specialists are at your disposal to guide you to the welding machine that fits perfectly on your applications.

Product Description

Product Description

The Dynasty 280 is a versatile combination of high power and portability, weighing only 23 kg and capable of welding materials up to 9.5mm thick. It is a new generation AC/DC inverter that welds both with an electrode and TIG much more efficiently, featuring AutoLine power supply that operates at any voltage between 208 and 575 volts, single-phase or three-phase.

Professional Parameter Setting:
Enter the thickness, material type, and working speed for a perfect machine setup.

Sleep Function:
The machine can be set to automatically shut down after a certain period of inactivity, saving energy.

Power supply from any source between 208 and 575 volts, single-phase or three-phase, ideal for situations where the current is unstable or of poor quality, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Blue Lightning™:
High-frequency TIG ignition (HF) prevents electrode sticking to the workpiece.

The cooling system operates only when necessary, avoiding additional noise and dust circulation through the machine.

AC TIG Welding Features:

The “Balance” function prevents oxidation during aluminum welding, ensuring high weld quality and increased execution speed.
The “Frequency” function controls the size, base, and orientation of the welding arc, ideal for welding in narrow spaces.

Types of Wave Frequency Adjustment:

– Advance squarewave: For rapid solidification capacity, high penetration, and fast travel.
– Soft squarewave: Exceptional control of the volume of molten material with low penetration.
– Sine wave: For customers who prefer older welding methods; quiet and with a higher volume of molten material.
– Triangular wave: Reduces heat levels and is well suited for thin aluminum welding at high travel speeds.

DC TIG Welding Features:

Extremely fine and precise welds can be achieved on a range of exotic materials.

AC/DC Electrode Welding Characteristics:

– “DIG” allows changes to the welding arc characteristics and penetration power.
– “HOT START” adaptive control to avoid electrode sticking at the beginning of the welding cycle.
– “AC frequency” creates stability for fine welding with alternating current.
– “Stick-stuck” detects if the electrode is stuck and immediately cuts the current for safe removal. It can be deactivated from the menu.

Technical Specifications:

– Product: Miller Dynasty 280 AC/DC Welding Machine
– Power Supply Voltage: 208-575 V
– Current Range: 1-280 A
– Welds Aluminum: Yes
– Maximum Usable Current: 280 A
– Duty Cycle at 60% of Maximum Current: 235 A
– Open-Circuit Voltage: 60 V
– Dimensions (LxWxH): 346 x 219 x 569 mm
– Weight: 23 Kg

Delivery Kit:

Miller Dynasty 280 Welding Machine. Cart, cooling group, welding gun, or remote/foot pedal are purchased separately.

Warranty: 36 months