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Miller Maxstar 200 DX welding machine

Miller Maxstar 200 DX welding machine. Discover the entire range of Miller welding machines from the Best Tools portfolio and contact us if you have questions or if you want to purchase a product. A Best Tools representative will provide you with all the information you need.

Product Description


Miller Maxstar 200 DX welding machine – discontinued, to be replaced by Maxstar 210 DX. DC inverter source, TIG, TIG-P, SEM. Welding current adjustment range: 1-200 A. High-frequency (HF) ignition and Lift Arc for TIG welding; Integrated pulsation block; Ability to program the following parameters: nominal welding current, upslope, pulsation parameters, downslope, postflow; Possibility to count the number of ignitions performed as well as the total duration of time the electric arc was active. Adjustable “Hot Start” for arc ignition in MMA welding; Arc control to prevent electrode sticking in manual shielded metal arc welding; Parameter locking capability in four access levels.

Weight: 17 kg;
Dimensions: 343 × 191 × 445 mm;
Manufactured in accordance with CE requirements and IEC-974-1 and EN 60974-1 standards;
ISO 9001 Certification;

Warranty period: 3 years for the welding power source (5 years for the rectifier block).

Technical Specifications:

– Product: Miller Maxstar 200 DX Welding Machine
– Power Supply Voltage: 120-460 V
– Current Range: 1-200 A
– Welds Aluminum: No
– Usable Current at 60% Duty Cycle: 175 A
– Maximum Usable Current: 200 A
– Weight: 17 Kg
– Warranty: 36 months