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LI-ION Power Pro Electric Garbage Truck

Best Tools Company places a high value on equipment that has a minimal impact on the environment. Therefore, all the sanitation equipment in our portfolio also has an electric variant. Explore the electric refuse collector from Geesinknorba and contact us if you have any questions.

*For price quotes and other information, please contact us.

Product Description

The LI-ON Power Pro electric waste collector is the greenest solution Geesinknorba can offer. The unit is extremely quiet, and emissions such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and fine particles are eliminated, which is very beneficial, especially in densely populated urban areas. Additionally, LI-ON Power Pro ensures a high payload due to lightweight lithium-ion batteries and, therefore, represents top performance in waste collection.

Low Costs

An important advantage is that LI-ON Power Pro significantly helps reduce expenses. Although this electric vehicle may seem more expensive to purchase, in the long run, maintenance costs decrease significantly due to fewer parts requiring service.

Future Standards

This new fully electric waste collection vehicle perfectly aligns with the new regulations that will become active in the coming years. For example, the upcoming Low Emission Zones (LEZ) and Clean Air Zones (CAZ) regulations are set to be implemented in 220 cities across the European Union.