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Bucher CityCat V20 Sweeper

The flagship model of Bucher Municipal’s 2 m³ street sweeper class. Improved suction – far superior to competing models, enhanced comfort, improved connectivity, sustainability. Sweeper designed by engineers with decades of experience at Bucher Municipal – the world’s leading sweeper manufacturer.

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Product Description

Meet the CityCat V20

With a payload of 2.1 tons and a gross weight of 4.8 tons, the Bucher CityCat V20 sweeper offers remarkable loading capacity, excellent sweeping performance, unmatched articulated steering precision, and a state-of-the-art Euro 6 diesel engine.

Low-Emission Engine

The CityCat V20 is equipped with a Euro 6 diesel engine that runs smoothly and economically, providing balanced performance based on the load, guaranteeing low fuel consumption and emissions. The sweeper is also available with a standard Tier 4 Final emission engine. Thanks to a low-emission diesel engine with controlled hydrostatic drive, AdBlue, and exhaust gas aftertreatment system, the compact 2 m³ sweeping machine complies with strict emission standards while delivering all the power needed.

Unique Maneuverability in the Compact Class

The articulated steering offers exceptional agility, perfect maneuverability, and maximum directional stability, allowing the driver to fully concentrate on street sweeping operations. The articulated steering system, combined with the front brush, makes the CityCat V20 a perfect machine for cleaning a variety of spaces, from narrow alleys to open areas.

Comfort and Safety

The new ergonomic design cabin, successfully tested for ROPS, combined with the innovative suspension system, ensures a unique driving experience. The effective use of the sweeper is ensured by a simple but extremely efficient concept: operating the sweeper functions with a single hand. The “Smart-Con” control system, accessed through the Csense touchscreen display, invites the machine operator into a new era of intuitive control of sweeper functions, emphasizing safety and driver comfort.

Key Features:

– Articulated steering
– Payload of 2.1 tons
– Sweeping width of 2700 mm
– Euro 6d / Tier 4 Final emission standard
– Maximum speed of 50 km/h
– 2 m³ capacity hopper
– 4-star PM2.5 / 10 certification (Maximum)

Other Features:

The newly designed 2 m³ waste hopper is made of stainless steel to withstand the entire lifespan of the sweeper. The efficient filter is large and easy to clean, ensuring high air flow even during autumn when leaves are collected, preventing clogging of the suction system.

Innovative Vacuum System:

With a wide diameter for suctioning large objects and a more energy-efficient fan, the vacuum system is impressive. The intake point of the vacuum never touches the road surface, remaining in suspension, ensuring perfect cleaning of all surfaces, no matter how uneven. Like the floating suction intake, the straight suction hose also belongs to Bucher’s “DNA,” resulting in minimal risk of blockage and optimal airflow for smooth operation. Equipped with a third front brush, which allows a width of 2700 mm, daily work can be carried out easily and efficiently.


The CityCat V20 sweeper comes with a variety of accessories that are included in the standard version or can be optionally selected:

– The suction hose is very useful in inaccessible spaces for the sweeper. It provides high suction power.
– Adjusting the positions of the brushes is an important feature of Bucher sweepers. Proper positioning of these brushes can significantly enhance sweeping efficiency.
– The third brush significantly increases the sweeping width and flexibility. It can be rotated left and right and is impact-protected.
– CityCat V20 can be equipped with a water recovery system, allowing the vehicle’s operating time to be extended and minimizing dust emissions.
– Additionally, the sweeper can be equipped with water pumps of 20 bars or 120 bars with a pistol lance and automatically retractable drum, providing the driver with an extended range of cleaning possibilities.

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