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HVZ GENIUS basic hydraulic clamping system

HVZ GENIUS basic hydraulic clamping system. Paver handling pliers can be mounted on many types of machines, being useful on any construction site. Discover the product and contact us. Best Tools representatives are always ready to provide you with the most detailed details related to Probst products, all with the aim of helping you make the perfect purchase for your needs.

Product Description

To enable the use of mini-excavators in the mechanical installation of pavers, we have designed a lightweight mounting clamp, HVZ GENIUS basic. We retained the features of its ‘bigger brother,’ HVZ GENIUS, meaning high efficiency and an intelligent hydraulic system that requires only one hydraulic circuit for all clamp movements, including changing the paver laying position. We added an innovative design and the highest strength material to reduce the weight to around 240 kg.

Mechanical installation of pavers in a 45-degree herringbone pattern:

Due to the best results in terms of fixation and, consequently, optimal load distribution, high-traffic areas such as container storage platforms in ports, streets, etc., are paved with pavers arranged in a herringbone pattern. The conventional method of mechanically installing pavers in a herringbone pattern requires a large volume of manual labor to add key pavers to the row to achieve the complete herringbone pattern. This means manually installing additional slabs to achieve a staggered grouping effect over the entire surface.

The work team needs to manually install up to 6 additional slabs per row! This operation not only requires time and strenuous work (performed in a bent position), but also entails high effort and additional logistics for transporting up to 6 additional slabs to each work point.

Probst, the sole provider of complete solutions in the field of paver installation, offers a field-tested solution for this purpose: The HVZ Herringbone 45° Paver Installation Clamp – suitable for use on Probst paver installation machines (VM series) as well as any other equipment, such as mini-excavators.

Probst relies on many years of practical knowledge and valuable experience, totaling over half a million square meters of paved surfaces on construction sites worldwide.

The HVZ Herringbone 45 Degree Paver Installation Clamp precisely adopts the palletized installation pattern (rotated at 45 degrees in the pallet compared to the conventional alignment of the pavers on the installation clamp) with power and safety from the paver package. The pavement is installed layer by layer, without additional time-consuming manual work.

The result is not only significantly improved efficiency in paver installation but also a significant reduction in the workload for the work team.

As a result of using this innovative technique, over 120 square meters of pavement can be installed per hour with a Probst MV installation machine.

Probst is the most important German manufacturer of equipment for handling and installing pavers, concrete slabs, curbs, and other precast elements. Best Tools Company is an official Probst dealer in Romania.