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Multimobil MM Pavement, tiles, and curbstones installation electric machine

Explore the new Probst electric machine for installing pavement, tiles, and curbstones. It is multifunctional, equipped with tracks, and allows both mechanical handling and vacuum handling. If you have any questions about this paving and curbing machine, contact us. A Best Tools representative will provide you with all the details you need.

*For price quotes and other information, please contact us.

Product Description

The compact multifunctional system assists in the transportation of concrete elements, natural stone, and other prefabricated elements to facilitate the arrangement of pavements. The equipment can also be used for transporting impressive quantities of prefabricated elements, considering its small dimensions, up to the installation site. Being narrow (700mm), the equipment can enter places where no other similar vehicle can go, such as standard interior or exterior doors.


The two interchangeable bodies can be easily and quickly changed by a single person without the need for tools, thanks to the practical body changing system. The equipment can be equipped with two types of accessories:

  • Interchangeable body with mast and articulated arm
  • Tilting interchangeable body
  • Body with mast and articulated arm
  • Useful in transporting and handling concrete and natural stone elements.

Flexible construction of the platform, with height-adjustable mast and articulated arm, which can be equipped with a wide range of fastening tools. (Contact us for information about accessories).

If necessary, the superstructure of the platform can be placed on supports, allowing prefabricate laying work to be performed without the chassis. The optional MM-GS counterweight set ensures perfect stability. A second person can work in parallel with the chassis and the other interchangeable body, the tilting one, which can also be mounted on this equipment.

Tilting/Interchangeable body MM-KA:

  • For transporting materials

The tilting body is optionally available with a hydraulic system, hydraulically operated self-loading bucket, and quick-change couplings.

Other accessories and functionalities

The articulated arm of the platform superstructure can be extended with various fastening tools and can be equipped with certain Probst gripping equipment. These elements include:

  • Attached to the electric cable lifting device (230 V, wired):

– Mechanical gripping equipment, e.g., EASYGRIP EXG / EXG-MAXI.

– Ergonomic vacuum control unit VS-ERGO-SPS-50-29 / 22 together with SPEEDY VS as a vacuum generator.

– Vacuum gripping system STONEMAGNET SM-600-GREENLINE / SM-600-GREENLINE-POWER

  • Combined with the VGE-230 vacuum generator on the loading area

– Vacuum lifting hoses HE-35 to HE-150, operating valve unit BE-Sprint-2, ergonomic vacuum control unit BE-ERGOSPRINT, SZV hose extension with corresponding suction plates.

– Transport and installation suction cup for slabs and pavers FLIEGUAN-HANDY FXH-25.

– Device with suction cup for the transport and installation of prefabricated elements FLIEGUAN-ERGO-STICK FXES-25.

– Vacuum system for the transport and installation of prefabricated elements MICROJUMBO-JET MJ-J.

Technical details

Emission-free operation due to electric drive – a significant advantage when working in public facilities or busy construction sites. Powered by a rechargeable 48V lithium-ion battery. Operating time with a single battery charge: 2 hours at maximum performance. In practice, up to a day, depending on the application. Charging time approximately 8 hours.

*Also available with a Yanmar diesel engine.

If you have any questions about the new Probst electric machine for the installation of pavement, tiles, and curbstones, feel free to contact us. A Best Tools representative will provide you with all the information you need.