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Energreen Robo

The Robo range from Energreen consists of remotely controlled machines (150 m range) operated via remote control. These machines are multifunctional and have been designed to be used in various applications, offering numerous accessories with easy mounting to meet different work needs. Safety is one of the strong points of the Robo machines: they do not directly expose the operator to noise, vibrations, exhaust fumes, the risk of overturning, etc.

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Product Description

Remote-Controlled Machines

The Robo range is designed to make the work of operators easier, with all three machines being remote-controlled. Robust and reliable, Robo machines can penetrate and perform activities in extremely hard-to-reach places without the operator exposing themselves to the risks of rough terrain, as they can control the equipment from a distance of 150 meters.

Energreen Robo Range

The Robo range consists of three different models varying in size, power, and the number of accessories they can be equipped with. All are made from premium materials, equipped with powerful and reliable engines, easy to maneuver, and more.

Safety and Comfort

  • Remote control (150 m)                                                      
  • Operator in safety                                                                   
  • Emergency button on the remote control                         
  • Excellent maneuverability                                                    
  • Easy to use and transport   


  • Road maintenance
  • Green space maintenance
  • Forestry work
  • Winter road service
  • Agriculture   
  • Construction

Applications on steep slopes

  • Impressive traction
  • Specially designed running system
  • Low center of gravity


  • Quick action
  • Reduced consumption
  • Maneuverability on any surface   
  • Easy to transport


Energreen RoboMINI is a robot designed to operate safely on slopes of up to 50° in any direction and in very narrow areas. Its special concept, low center of gravity, and maneuverability make RoboMINI perfect for operating in rugged terrain, maintaining excellent grip by remaining in contact with the tread surface at all times. Equipped with a 23 HP petrol engine perfect for its small size, MINI can be equipped with six types of accessories, all quickly switchable through the special attachment system.


RoboGREEN Evo is the middle machine in the Robo range. Like the other machines in the range, it is remote-controlled and can carry out applications in the most hostile places with slopes of up to 55°, where access is very difficult. Equipped with a 40 HP diesel engine and two double-effect hydraulic functions, it can be equipped with 25 different accessories. Its power, performance, reliability, and robustness stand out among other remote-controlled machines.


Energreen RoboMAX is the largest and most powerful machine in the Robo range. It can easily handle the most complex tasks and applications. The standard equipment includes two double-effect hydraulic functions. Designed to meet various needs, Energreen RoboMAX can be defined as a multifunctional remote-controlled machine, with power and performance comparable to a traditional tractor with multiple accessories. The main features that set this machine apart from others are its superior power, durability, high performance, and versatility. RoboMAX is equipped with a powerful 75 HP diesel engine. The machine can be equipped with 13 different accessories, being useful in as many types of applications.

Technical Innovations

The Robo machines from Energreen have many features that recommend them as resistant and highly practical. The machines are protected by a sturdy steel casing, have a specially designed front clamping system for durability, a protected radiator, a robust chassis, a self-cleaning fan, a side-mounted touchscreen control console, and more.

Remote Control

The remote control varies depending on the model but is equally efficient and well-thought-out. Equipped with perfectly positioned buttons and joysticks, the remote control provides the operator with the perfect tool for efficient maneuvering of the Robo equipment. With a range of up to 150 meters, the remote control has a battery life of 18 hours and is resistant.