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Disinfection Equipment for Construction Site

Here are two pieces of equipment that can be useful during the resumption of activities on construction sites. They are designed to clean boots and small to medium-sized machinery, but in the context of the pandemic, the systems can be supplied with disinfectants.

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Product Description


This system is specially designed to clean the boots of personnel on construction sites. The emphasis is on very low water and disinfectant consumption, which can be reused up to 100%. Even though X-Splash is intended for simple cleaning of workers’ boots, the system is particularly useful in the context of the global pandemic created by the new COVID-19. As construction activities resume, simply supplying X-Boot with disinfectants transforms the system into an extremely useful boot disinfectant.


It is equipment created to wash small and medium-sized machinery on construction sites. Like X-Boot, it recycles water almost 100% and can be very useful in disinfection processes, which are crucial in the context of the pandemic.


These devices are fully electric and feature technology that allows 100% water recycling, making them unique from this perspective.

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