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High-pressure washing machine PTC Torpedo

PTC Torpedo Compact PS is a high-pressure washing machine with a pressure of up to 350 bars and an efficient water heating system. Read about the product and contact us if you have any questions. A Best Tools Company representative will provide you with all the information you need.

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Product Description

Developed for professional cleaning of surfaces that require special attention, the Torpedo machine perfectly combines impressive pressure with high water temperature. By eliminating the presence of chemical additives, the high-pressure washer protects the cleaned surfaces. This cleaning technique, using high-pressure steam at approximately 150°C and adjustable pressure, delivers excellent cleaning results with minimal water and fuel consumption.


– Steel frame painted with high-quality paint;
– Handling elements included for forklift use;
– Stainless steel covers;
– Kohler diesel engines;
– Pressure gauge, manual pressure regulator, safety valve;
– 80/100 kW diesel boiler with electronic temperature control system;
– Anti-scale pumping device;
– 300/500 l tank kit (optional).


The PTC Torpedo high-pressure washer is ideal for various applications. It can be used for removing chewing gum, degreasing, cleaning certain metals, façade cleaning, sidewalk washing, graffiti removal, and general disinfection.


If you have any questions or if you want to purchase such a high-pressure washing machine, contact us. Best Tools representatives will guide you to the perfect equipment for your needs.