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Kilo Sanitizing Disinfection Machine

RCM Kilo Sanitizing is an improved floor washing machine equipped with an efficient disinfection system. The equipment is ideal for disinfecting indoor spaces.

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Product Description

Wash, dry, and disinfect simultaneously

RCM Kilo Sanitizing is a multifunctional floor cleaning machine, specifically designed for cleaning and disinfecting indoor spaces. Kilo perfectly combines the three functions: washing, disinfecting, and drying.

The machine is equipped with a separate tank for the disinfectant solution. Thus, the equipment allows simultaneous operation in floor washing mode and spraying the sanitizing solution, which remains active over time for the total neutralization of bacteria.

Additional features

The floor washing, sanitizing, and drying machine is also equipped with a handheld lance, ideal for disinfecting hard-to-reach surfaces. With this, surfaces that may carry microbes and viruses, such as doors, handles, trash cans, etc., can be disinfected.

Back To Work Project

The #RCMBACKTOWORK project was launched in 2020 and includes the design and production of sanitization systems (machines and devices) that can be used for the prevention and combating of COVID-19.

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