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Bucher CityCat VS20e Electric Sweeper (3.5 t)

The new electric sweeper from Bucher Municipal – efficient, lighter, and more mobile. The sweeper provides improved suction, connectivity, increased comfort, and last but not least, sustainability. Developed by Bucher engineers – the world’s leading sweeper manufacturer.

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Product Description

Suitable for continuous use, the second generation of electric sweepers, now available with a gross weight of 3.5 tons, provides a perfect balance between loading capacity and sweeping and vacuuming performance. With its low weight, the equipment can be driven with a category B driver’s license.

Meet the CityCat VS20e

The sanitation equipment is equipped with custom 45 kWh batteries, providing the sweeper with the ability to be used for at least 6 hours in working mode. Engineers have achieved balanced values between the payload, water tank, and collection hopper. The sweeper adapts to all conditions, being useful in both simple and demanding applications, in hard-to-reach places as well as large open spaces.


The articulated steering provides exceptional agility, impressive maneuverability, and maximum directional stability, allowing the operator to fully focus on cleaning actions. The equipment can navigate through hard-to-reach alleys.

Comfort and Safety

The new ergonomic cabin, tested ROPS design, along with the innovative suspension system, ensures a unique driving experience. The effective use of the sweeper is ensured by a simple yet highly efficient concept: operating the sweeper functions with a single hand. The “Smart-Con” control system, accessed through the Csense touchscreen display, invites the equipment operator into a new era of intuitive control of sweeper functions, emphasizing driver safety and comfort.

Key Features:

– Articulated steering
– 5 tons mass and one-ton payload
– Sweeping width of 2700 mm
– Can be driven with a category B driver’s license
– 45 kWh Li-ion battery
– 2 cubic meters hopper
– 425 liters water tank
– Complies with PM2.5/10 standards
– Fully electric sweeper

Bucher Municipal has developed a package of custom batteries tailored to the vehicle. The devices have minimal environmental impact, and the produced noise is extremely low. The battery provides a working autonomy of at least 6 hours. The 22 kW charger ensures a full battery charge in 2-3 hours at any public electric vehicle charging station.

Other Features:

The machine has a high suction capacity even when dealing with large objects. The suction head never touches the ground, designed to provide unique performance. The debris collection hopper is constructed from stainless steel. Standard 3-cylinder 45 kW Stage V motor.

Equipment and Options:

Wide and solid wheels for a large ground contact surface to prevent the vehicle from sinking when operated in non-asphalt areas. Additionally, all brushes, including the third (optional), can be easily maneuvered. The machine can be equipped with a lance pressure washer with 120 bar pressure for cleaning spaces where the sweeper cannot access. CityCat VS20 can be equipped with cruise control.

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