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Bucher CityCat V20e Electric sweeper

Best Tools Company aims to distribute in Romania machines and equipment that are as environmentally friendly as possible, produced in accordance with the highest standards of emissions and noise control. In this case, considering it is a fully electric sanitation machine, emissions are completely out of the discussion, and noise pollution is significantly reduced. Here is the electric street sweeper Bucher CityCat V20e:

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Product Description

Tradition Meets Innovation

Externally, the CityCat V20e has the same dimensions and excellent maneuverability as the standard CityCat V20. It also has the same impressive capacity – a 2m3 hopper and a payload of 2100 kg, almost the same as the base model equipped with a diesel engine. The operation of the vehicle and brushes is also the same, allowing drivers to transition seamlessly from a model with an internal combustion engine to the fully electric model.

Technical Highlights

The Bucher CityCat V20e is the first compact electric sweeper in the 2m3 range. A lithium-ion battery provides eight hours of operation under normal standards. Quieter, with zero emissions, and with much lower maintenance costs than sweepers with internal combustion engines, the new electric sweeper CityCat V20e is a true candidate for most companies and authorities dependent on such sanitation equipment. In short, the 2m3 electric sweeper from Bucher Municipal is eco-friendly, has a much lower cost of ownership than traditional sweepers, is easier to maintain, and very environmentally friendly.


CityCat V20e is equipped with a specially designed 63 kWh Bucher accumulator for this model, capable of providing over 8 hours of continuous operation. Powerful yet environmentally friendly, the sweeper can be used even during late hours with extremely low noise pollution. CityCat V20e features state-of-the-art technologies, minimizing environmental damage while providing the necessary power in any situation.


The articulated steering provides exceptional agility, perfect maneuverability, and maximum directional stability, allowing the driver to fully focus on street sweeping operations. The articulated steering system, in combination with the front brush, makes CityCat V20e a perfect machine for cleaning a variety of spaces, from narrow alleys to open areas.

Comfort and Safety

The new ergonomically designed and ROPS-tested cabin, together with the innovative suspension system, ensures a unique driving experience. The effective use of the sweeper is ensured by a simple yet highly efficient concept: operating the sweeper functions with a single hand. The “Smart-Con” control system, accessed through the Csense touch screen display, invites the equipment operator into a new era of intuitive control of sweeper functions, emphasizing driver safety and comfort.

Key Features:

– Articulated steering
– Payload of 2.1 tons
– Sweeping width of 2700mm
– 63 kWh Li-ion battery
– Maximum travel speed of 50 km/h
– 2m³ hopper
– 425 l water tank

PM Certification: 4 Stars (maximum) in PM 2.5 / PM10 tests

Environmental Protection

By using a single electric sweeper like the Bucher CityCat V20e instead of a diesel sweeper from the same range, CO2 emissions are reduced by approximately 26 tons per year. Thus, electric sweepers are the perfect solution for contemporary urban areas facing increasing air quality issues.


The Bucher CityCat V20e sweeper comes with a variety of standard accessories or can be optionally selected:

– The suction hose is very useful in inaccessible spaces for the sweeper. It offers high suction power.
– Brush position adjustment is an important feature of Bucher sweepers. Proper brush positioning can significantly improve sweeping efficiency.
– The third brush significantly increases sweeping width and flexibility. It can be rotated left and right and is impact-protected.
– CityCat V20e can be equipped with a water recovery system, allowing the vehicle’s operating time to be extended and dust emissions minimized. Additionally, the sweeper can be equipped with 20-bar or 120-bar water pumps with a pistol lance and an automatically retractable drum, providing the driver with an extended range of cleaning possibilities.

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