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Accessories for the hydraulic installation HVZ / HVZ-uni

Accessories for Hydraulic Installation Clamps HVZ / HVZ-uni. The accessories are designed to facilitate the installation of all types of pavers in various patterns. Feel free to contact us. A Best Tools representative will provide you with all the important details about these products.

Product Description

Accessories for Hydraulic Installation Clamps HVZ and HVZ-uni

For certain paver units, it can be advantageous or even necessary, especially for the side jaws, to use a special adapter to ensure optimal grip.

The PA position-changing adapter is used, for example, for rectangular pavers to change their positions in the paver sequence. (Specify the shape of the pavers).
When installing pavers in a herringbone pattern, it is better to avoid the issue of half pavers on the sides, and an FA adapter should be used for herringbone installation (Specify the shape of the pavers).
Special adapters for mounting units 21-24 are available upon request.
FA Adapter for HVZ, if needed – External FA spring for HVZ, FA Adapter version for HVZ-uni
PA Adapter consisting of – 2 C-profiles, 10 positioning adapters Consult additional information regarding the length of the adapters, etc.

Paving Models
The paving models 1 – 20 presented below are suitable, among other things, for mechanical installation. Other paving shapes can be mounted using machinery, provided the pavers are packaged correctly and ready for machine installation.
Paving models 16 – 20 are suitable for mechanical installation using a special adapter.
Paving models 21 – 24 are suitable for mechanical installation with the help of a special adapter.
For other paving models (not shown here), send a cast model.
ET-L sleeves for forklift arms

For forklifts, with fixing screw and suspension for HVZ. With this device, HVZ can be easily and quickly mounted on any carrier machine (with forklift arms).

Universal suspension system for excavator

Universal suspension for excavators, which can be used on most excavators currently available, with a maximum axle diameter of d 60 mm. Advantage: The HVZ device can be easily and quickly mounted on any excavator.

A-KL crane arm

For mini-loaders, with a variable reach. This accessory takes the weight off the rear wheels of the mini-loader, thus protecting freshly installed pavers from being displaced by the turning movements of the mini-loader.
It is also advantageous when using other accessories on the mini-loader, such as clamp tools for slabs, curb mounting clamps, etc.

Probst is the leading German manufacturer of equipment for handling and installing pavers, concrete slabs, curbstones, and other prefabricated elements. Best Tools Company is the official Probst dealer in Romania.