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Energreen ILF

The Energreen ILF machine range has been primarily designed for professional care of large outdoor spaces, such as cleaning road edges and maintaining national gas and electricity networks, among others. The machines are multifunctional and can be equipped, among other features, with robust telescopic arms with working distances ranging from 5.5 to 17 meters, on which professional accessories for the care of hard-to-reach green spaces can be mounted.

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Product Description

Special Multifunctional Machines

ILF self-propelled machines were born from Energreen engineers’ continuous effort to introduce innovative working methods. The implementation of technology in ILF machines became possible due to methodical and constant attention to the needs of professional users, providing them with a product that meets high standards of quality, safety, comfort, and performance.

Safety and Comfort

  • FOPS-ROPS certified cabin
  • High-visibility panoramic windshield
  • Excellent work ergonomics
  • Stability control
  • Multifunctional

Energreen produces powerful telescopic arms with working distances ranging from 5.5 to 17 meters. Besides the classic cutting head, various attachments for maintaining roadside areas, riverbanks, forest areas, winter road maintenance, earth transport, and railway maintenance in their surroundings can be mounted. The ILF machines are designed to be versatile, adapting to different applications throughout the year.


  • Bidirectional working mode
  • Maneuverability on all types of terrain
  • Mounting multiple accessories simultaneously


The quality of Energreen machines is guaranteed by the vast experience of the Italian manufacturer. Years of research and the continuous desire to provide high-performance machinery have contributed to creating a globally renowned range. The special steel frame, certified components, powerful and efficient engines, and Heavy Duty hydrostatic transmission are just a few elements that make ILF machines suitable for various applications.

The ILF Range

The ILF range consists of 4 different machines in terms of size and power. They can perform dozens of types of work by simply changing accessories throughout the year. The cabin provides operators with 360° visibility for increased comfort and full control over the equipment.

ILF Kommunal

Energreen ILF KOMMUNAL is an extremely versatile, multifunctional machine, capable of more efficiently performing any action carried out by a common telescopic arm tractor. This machine is suitable for year-round applications with different attached equipment. The machine is equipped with a special front system that allows the exchange of all accessories in a few minutes, with the help of a single operator, without using special lifting means, all in complete safety. Energreen ILF KOMMUNAL is an extremely safe and reliable machine in any working environment, thanks to its wide range of accessories. The tractor is undoubtedly the best solution for administrative institutions, public entities, local public administrations, and more.


Energreen ILF ALPHA (S1500) is the perfect choice for various applications. The tractor has been designed to meet all the needs of professional operators. Customization of the machine is possible, and the type and length of the arms or the engine power are no exceptions. The cabin rotation allows work in all directions without the need to rotate the machine, thereby reducing working time and costs.


Energreen ILF Athena is a professional green space maintenance machine that, due to its innovative technologies, offers unparalleled performance, exceptional flexibility, and operational safety. The machine is equipped with a 15-meter telescopic arm, where, in addition to the classic mulching head, multiple accessories can be mounted. In front, the machine can be equipped with a plate gripping elevator for mounting additional front accessories that can work simultaneously with the standard arm. The turret rotation allows actions in both directions without maneuvering the machine, reducing working time and costs.

ILF B2000

The Energreen ILF B2000 represents the latest European technology in maintaining hard-to-reach green spaces. Excellent performance, operational flexibility, and safety make the machine a top choice in the ecological maintenance sector. Visibility is a fundamental element in the correct use of mowing machines. Energreen ILF B2000 makes this requirement one of its strengths. The large windshield allows the operator to have a valid and total view of their activity. Like the ILF ATHENA, the turret rotation allows actions in both directions without maneuvering the machine, reducing working time and costs.

Watch the presentation video of the ILF range from Energreen.
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Here are some of the accessories that can be mounted on the arms of ILF machines: