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Vacuum lifting device with Vacuspeed flexible pipe

Vacuspeed Flexible Hose Vacuum Lifting Device. The device aims to streamline the handling of specific elements in construction material factories and beyond. If you have any questions, please contact us. Best Tools representatives will provide you with all the details you need.

Product Description

Vacuspeed Flexible Hose Vacuum Lifting Device

The innovative Vacuspeed flexible hose vacuum lifting device allows for a significant increase in productivity when handling various elements, such as pavers and slabs.

• Vacuum is used both for gripping materials and for lifting or lowering them.
• It can be operated easily, precisely, and rapidly.
• Result: efficient work that is less strenuous for workers.
• Materials of any type, weighing up to 30 kg (45 kg for Vacuspeed 45), can be lifted, sorted, packaged, or assembled with ease.
• Advantage: No need for lateral access to grip the products. Top access is sufficient!
• The lifting and lowering speed is continuously variable.
• Vacuum force is used for both gripping and lifting or lowering the load.
• Vacuspeed 30 E / 30P / 45 can be quickly attached to any wall or column-mounted jib crane or similar equipment and can be used immediately.

Vacuspeed 30 E

Quick installation; for use, only connection to the compressed air system (with vacuum produced by a compressed air-operated ejector) is required.

Standard specifications:

• Ejector, flexible hose lifting unit, control valve with curved handle.

Vacuspeed 30 P

In this version, vacuum is generated by an electric vacuum pump. No compressed air hose is required!

Standard specifications:

• Electric vacuum pump, flexible hose vacuum lifting device, and control valve with curved handle.

Vacuspeed 45

In this version, vacuum is generated by an electric turbine.

Standard specifications:

• Flexible hose vacuum lifting device and control valve with lever.

Improved vacuum technology enhances work flexibility, and various suction plates can be quickly exchanged. Probst’s product range includes approximately 100 different suction plates that can be attached to a hose lifting system.

Safety and flexibility of vacuum technology: the new warning system and remote control system from Probst.

Equipping vacuum systems with alarm devices is mandatory. But are these devices always safe? For example, are the batteries charged when needed? To spare the operator from such questions as much as possible, Probst introduces a new intelligent acoustic warning device for its vacuum lifting device SH.

Optional additional features from Probst: remote control systems for maximum flexibility in using vacuum devices. The vacuum lifting device SH is powered by a gasoline engine, thus working completely independently and can be used on all types of lifting equipment.

The suction can be started and stopped with the remote control. The operator does not need to come into contact with the vacuum lifting device SH. The images depict an application where slabs can be installed in a trench without the need for supports, as no operator presence in the trench is required.

The new intelligent acoustic warning device

• Activates at each new work cycle without the need to be turned on and off for energy saving.
• Batteries last approximately 1 year, much longer than those used in standard warning devices.
• Special batteries

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