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Tele-Plan TP manual leveling telescopic beam

Manual Leveling System Tele-Plan TP. Explore all the products in the Best Tools range and contact us if you have any questions or if you want to purchase equipment. A Best Tools representative will provide you with all the details you need to make the right purchase.

Product Description

For generations, leveling bars used for preparing support material for pavers have been more or less rectangular in shape.

The result:

When pulling the support material with such leveling bars, they tend to lift it. To avoid this situation, the bar must be pressed down with force and pulled at the same time. It is a tiring and time-consuming operation, especially considering that it is performed in an ergonomically inappropriate position, kneeling on wet sand.

However, the new aluminum profile Tele-Plan TP from Probst has a sickle-shaped form. Therefore, the profile embeds itself in the support material and does not lift. There is no need for pressing it down with force. Especially when leveling compacted sand and when, due to lateral obstacles, the leveling bar cannot be moved sideways, the advantage of the TP profile is immense.

Additional advantage: Two TP profiles can be coupled together to be adjusted telescopically in a simple and robust manner, thus adapting the working width at any time, depending on the needs.

Types: 100/165 • 150/260 • 200/350, with the following standard features:

• Two fixed clamping devices, which cannot be lost, for coupling the two profiles. Height-adjustable and lockable side elements (ST-TP) on both sides, with an adjustment range between 0 and 127 mm. They can be quickly disassembled if necessary. Coupling for additional pulling handles HG-TP built into the side elements. A level indicator built into the TP profile. Solid and durable, yet lightweight aluminum profile, made of highly resistant material, with a weight of only 1.3 kg per meter.
• Handle HG-TP: Accessories: Set of 2 pulling handles, allowing a relaxed and ergonomically correct body position, standing instead of kneeling in wet sand. Special accessory, can be quickly mounted and dismounted from the side elements.
• TP Profile: 2.0 • 3.0 • 4.0 Only the aluminum profile, without level indicators. Prepared for the installation of side elements ST-SP with stoppers for height adjustment at any time later.
• Side Elements ST-TP: Side elements with height-adjustable supports, delivered in pairs. Adjustment range between 0 and 127 mm, can be mounted and dismounted at any time. With built-in coupling devices for the HG-TP handle.

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