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TAS-uni telescopic beam bucket leveling system

Telescopic Leveling System TAS-uni. The system designed by Probst is perfect for preparing surfaces on which pavers are to be installed. It levels large or small surfaces, with adjustable working length. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. A Best Tools representative will provide you with all the details you need.

Product Description

Universally applicable for precise and flexible leveling of support layers for installing pavers, both in large and small spaces. Comfortable, vertical working position.

• Consists of the following elements: Telescopic aluminum leveling profiles, adjustable height rollers on each side, pulling elements.
• The aluminum profile has been optimized, preventing upward movement when pulled by hand or mechanically towed with chains. With a single pass, clean and precise leveling can be achieved.
• The profile has been enlarged to displace more material, especially if the initial distribution of leveling material is coarse.
• Step above the roller where the operator can stand to increase the pressing force on the ground when using the mechanical TAS-M device.
• Working width of up to 6,000 mm by doubling the profile. (on request).
• Special wear-resistant and robust aluminum alloy profiles are designed to operate fully telescopic without progressive steps, with an integrated locking system for securing telescopic elements in the desired position.
• All metal components are galvanized.
• Equipped with adjustable height rollers on each side, a brush for clearing debris, and a material removal plate. Height adjustable directly above the scale.
• Standard equipment includes two towing chains for mechanical operation.

Extremely easy to handle:

For manual operation, the TAS device can be easily pulled with standard shovels while comfortably standing in a vertical position!

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