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Gutter Fix RF-H leveling system for curb alignments.

Leveling System Gutter Fix RF-H for inclined concrete surfaces is designed to streamline road construction. Read more about the product, and if you have any questions or wish to purchase it, feel free to contact us. A Best Tools representative will provide you with all the details you need.

Product Description

Gutter Fix RF-H is a professional device for road construction. In a single working phase, large concrete pavement blocks with inclined surfaces for forming the gutter can be installed. Time-consuming leveling work is no longer necessary!

• Time is saved due to ease of handling.
• RF-H can be pushed by a single operator, and a second operator can assist in pushing if necessary, through the integrated standard shovel coupling point.
• Height and width adjustment of the terrain and curb is done easily and quickly with the help of fixing screws (no tools required).
• The large wheels, which touch both the upper and lower surfaces, can be easily pushed.
• The plow is made of V2A stainless steel, highly resistant to wear.

Probst is the most important German manufacturer of equipment for handling and installing pavers, concrete slabs, curbs, and other prefabricated elements. Best Tools Company is the official Probst dealer in Romania.

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