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Residential energy storage system

INOEDGE is an energy storage system designed for residential use, suitable for installation in any household, whether independent or shared.

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Product Description

The assembly has been designed for independent operation or integration with photovoltaic systems, with its main purpose being the reduction of dependence on the national grid and the decrease of carbon emissions.

Safety and Comfort

The increasing need of consumers for a reliable power supply and renewable energy sources is evident each year. The inconsistency in energy produced and supplied by solar and wind sources raises concerns about energy security. Integrating an energy storage system ensures access to a constant power source when needed, eliminating the intermittent nature of renewable energy.


The configuration of the INOEDGE system is easy, allowing for seamless integration into a renewable energy generation setup. Additionally, INOEDGE includes, besides an advanced energy management system and decentralized operation features, an electric vehicle charging station.

Technical Specifications

Power: 10 kW – 30 kW
Energy: 5 kWh – 60 kWh
Operating System: iNOVAT EMS
Photovoltaic System: 2 x MPPT / 10 kW
Communication: GSM / Modbus TCP
Battery Type: LFP
Electric Vehicle Charging: 11 – 22 kW (optional)
Warranty: 2 years
Lifespan: 20 years
Protection: IP54

Importantly, INOEDGE is highly useful for voltage regulation, frequency control, peak limitation, off-grid optimization, and microgrid management.

Energy Management

The system features an energy management module providing real-time information, eliminating unknown and risk factors. These services ensure high performance, accurate monitoring of details, price forecasts, self-diagnosis, etc.

Comprehensive Professional Solutions

Best Tools Company offers comprehensive professional solutions, including consultancy, customization, delivery, installation, commissioning, training, and maintenance.

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