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PVZ Device for handling concrete columns

Device for handling PVZ concrete columns.

The handles are ideal for transporting and mounting round or rectangular poles, regardless of the material from which they are made. Contact us if you have questions or if you want to order equipment. Best Tools representatives are always at your disposal.

Product Description

Handles for PVZ poles

Special for the transport and installation of round or rectangular concrete or wooden poles. Diameter: 180 – 200 mm.

•    Grip does not depend on length.
•    Build so that the poles can be placed close enough to each other to touch.
•    The PVZ-V model is adjustable.
•    Galvanized finish.

Probst is the most important German manufacturer of tools, equipment, devices and machinery for handling various types of prefabricated materials, such as: pavers, tiles, curbs, pipes, tubes, etc. Best Tools Company is the official dealer of Probst Handling in Romania, where it distributes the entire range of the German manufacturer.

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