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Multihog Disinfection Equipment

Best Tools provides you with a wide range of machinery and equipment suitable for disinfection actions. These machines are perfect for addressing issues caused by the new COVID-19, even if some of them were not originally created for this purpose. An additional advantage of these machines is their multifunctionality, as they can be used in over 40 applications, depending on the attached accessory. Here is a selection of the best Multihog machines, equipped with attachments perfect for surface disinfection, with the goal of eliminating viruses.

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Product Description

The new attachment, urgently created by the Multihog engineering team, is specially designed for the fight against COVID-19. Unlike the other equipment from the Irish manufacturer, which is designed for other activities but can be adjusted to serve in eliminating viruses from external surfaces, the new accessory is exclusively dedicated to disinfection.

The equipment is perfect for municipalities, private companies, and space managers tasked with disinfecting public and private areas.


Mounted on a Multihog CX, the equipment is equipped with a triple spray system:

Low-level spray bar – for disinfecting streets, sidewalks, pathways, etc.
Folding vertical spray bar – for disinfecting elevated objects;
Hand lance with drum and hose – for disinfecting hard-to-reach areas such as railings, external stairs, trash bins, bus stops, and more.

The equipment is designed for disinfection actions related to the COVID-19 pandemic but is also suitable for future outdoor disinfections, which will undoubtedly be carried out more frequently.

Pressure Disinfection System

The pressure washing system includes a water tank that can be filled with disinfectant solutions. It can also be equipped with a hose drum, a pressure washing lance, and a front bar with nozzles that can be used for cleaning/disinfecting both the road and smaller spaces, such as sidewalks, pathways, indoor areas, etc.

The equipment is suitable for use in:

  • Urban and rural areas;
  • Supermarkets and shopping centers;
  • Distribution centers (food and general merchandise);
  • Hospitals;
  • Ports;
  • Airports.

Multihog CityCleaner

When equipped with the CityCleaner attachment, Multihog offers the possibility of being powered with chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2 – used to combat a wide range of viruses, bacteria, and fungi) for the safe cleaning and disinfection of a wide range of surfaces. Furthermore, the equipment emphasizes operator safety, with a fully enclosed cabin serving as an effective barrier between the outside environment and the operator.

  • Multihog machines can be used for cleaning and disinfecting:
  • Streets, bike lanes, sidewalks, or parking lots;
  • Entrance barriers to parking lots and payment stations;
  • Trash bins, containers, dumpsters, etc.;
  • Public transportation stations;
  • Traffic signal panels and contact points between traffic lights and pedestrians;
  • Supermarket carts, stairs, railings;
  • Access doors or loading/unloading terminals;
  • Emergency section access paths;
  • Access steps, aircraft, and luggage carts.

Multihog Sweeper

Multihog CV is a compact sweeping machine that maintains the Irish company’s DNA, being a true multifunctional tractor. Like other machines from the Irish manufacturer, it can be used in various applications, from street cleaning to disinfection. Although it was not created for this purpose, the water tank can be loaded with a disinfectant solution that, either through dust suppression nozzles or with the help of the pressure lance, reaches the action surface.


  • Dedicated compact sweeper, with the option to switch brushes with other equipment (arm for spreading disinfectant liquids, snow plow, mower, etc.);
  • An all-terrain vehicle that can go off-road when needed;
  • Equipped with one of the least polluting engines on the market; compliant with the highest EU standards for emissions and noise;
  • Designed with a special focus on operator safety and comfort;
  • Extremely simple to use – switching between driving and working modes is done by pressing a single button.

Disinfectant Solution Spreader

This type of attachment is generally used for spreading de-icing liquid on public roads, access roads, sidewalks, or other slippery areas to combat ice formation. However, given the current situation regarding the COVID-19 epidemic, its versatile use allows the tank to be filled with disinfectant solutions such as sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide. Thus, this attachment allows efficient and rapid disinfection under maximum safety conditions for the operator, who is not exposed to the substances used during the process.

Multifunctional Multihog machines stand out primarily due to the wide range of accessories they can be equipped with. Thus, with over 40 types of attachments, Multihog tractors excel in just as many applications. The Irish manufacturer Multihog produces a wide variety of accessories for a broad range of activities, from road maintenance, snow removal, and cleaning to lawn care and urban disinfection. The accessories have a robust construction, manufactured to the highest quality standards, ensuring durability, efficiency, and safety in use.