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Interior disinfection equipment

Best Tools provides you with equipment specially designed for disinfection operations. These products eliminate almost all viruses and harmful germs. Feel free to contact us. Best Tools specialists will help you choose the perfect product for your needs.

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Product Description

Equipment dedicated to the hygiene and disinfection of indoor spaces.

Santoemma equipment is specially designed to disinfect indoor surfaces, eliminating almost 100% of germs. To streamline the cleaning process, they are set to eliminate viruses in multiple stages. Santoemma equipment can be used to clean all types of surfaces, eliminating harmful factors.

How does it work?

  • Active foam containing disinfectants is sprayed;
  • It is left applied on surfaces for a certain period to take effect;
  • Rinsed with a powerful jet of water;
  • Everything is vacuumed into the dedicated container.