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MBS – Deicing solution insertion system for snowplows

The MBS deicing solution insertion system for snowplow blades is available for all snowplows in the Bucher range. The nozzles for spreading the deicing liquid are mounted directly in the blade. This innovative system solves the issue of the thin layer of frozen snow left behind by traditional plows, as the deicing solution is spread at the moment of snow removal.

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Product Description

MBS Deicing Solution Injection System

The injection system integrated into the snowplow blade is designed to solve the issue of traditional plows that leave behind a thin layer of snow. With the help of this system, snowplow blades are much more effective, leaving behind a clean asphalt, while the remaining snow is instantly melted by the scattered deicing solution. The deicing solution is directed to the nozzles integrated into the plow’s scraper through pipes that are fed from a reservoir mounted on the vehicle.

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