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Bucher RAMOX Sectional snow plow

The Ramox series includes high-quality snow plows, perfect for Unimog and trucks. Available in lengths from 2,600 mm to 3,600 mm. Explore the snow plows and contact us if you have any questions. A Best Tools representative will provide you with all the requested information and more.

*For price quotes and other details, please contact us!

Product Description

“Ramox snow plows are perfect for applications in urban and suburban areas. Their quality is undeniable, worthy of the Bucher Municipal brand. Long lifespan, reliability, and plowing performance are its main features.


Ramox plows are equipped with a system that maintains the position of the elements even when encountering obstacles or removing large amounts of snow. The safety system relies on the elastic connection between the segment and the support frame. When the plow hits an obstacle, the elastic swing arms come into action. The segments oscillate, and immediately after overcoming the obstacle, they return to the initially set position.


  • Available in various sizes.
  • 3 or 4 oscillating elements.
  • Low noise.
  • Elastic connection between segments and support frame.
  • Special paint.
  • Multiple blade types available.

If you have questions or need clarification, feel free to contact us. A Best Tools representative will provide you with all the necessary information.”