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Bucher Phoenix electric spreader

Phoenix Electra is a high-performance and environmentally friendly electric spreader. It can also be mounted on an electric chassis, forming a fully electric winter maintenance machine. Explore the equipment and contact us if you have any questions.

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Product Description

The first 100% electric spreader

Phoenix Electra is the first 100% electric professional spreader and represents the commitment of Bucher Municipal and Best Tools to a sustainable future. The major challenge was to develop a “green” solution that maintains the highest performance typical of Bucher products. The result is as expected: a revolutionary equipment capable of meeting the strictest market requirements, without compromising on performance and raising the standard to a superior level.


On the Phoenix electric spreader, a high-efficiency 48V electric system replaces traditional hydraulic systems, with lithium batteries and brushless motors with dedicated and integrated inverters. This solution avoids energy losses and allows independent and proportional energy absorption and management for each motor.


Furthermore, lithium technology allows partial charging of the battery during the salt filling operation, even if the battery is not fully charged. Moreover, the transporter vehicle (the chassis on which the spreader is mounted) requires no modification, as this equipment does not need to be connected to the truck. The spreader is a “plug and play” equipment that can be mounted on any truck with a suitable loading capacity. The control system is designed to allow maximum adjustment precision, resulting in extremely accurate spreading operations.

Suitable for urban environments

What makes Electra very special is sustainability both in terms of environmental/noise pollution and time-saving. It is much quieter compared to traditional spreaders, has zero impact on the environment, and requires minimal maintenance throughout its life. This solution makes it particularly suitable for urban areas, where noise reduction and pollution play a key role, while also providing the lowest life cycle cost for all users.


Bucher Municipal offers a wide range of additional features. Best Tools can customize each winter municipal machine to meet the needs of customers. Thus, each spreader distributed to the end customer is perfectly prepared to face the specific challenges of each situation.