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Ambulance disinfection system

The device created by Santoemma, one of the most important manufacturers of cleaning and disinfection equipment, helps in producing and dispersing “dry mist” formed from disinfectant solutions. The particles that make up the mist, being extremely small in size, reach throughout the room, thus disinfecting the entire interior of the ambulance.

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Product Description

How does it work?

In this challenging period, the disinfection of ambulance interiors is more important than ever. The presence of objects and electronic instruments makes these actions particularly difficult and demanding, as it does not allow for the simple spraying of liquid sanitizing chemicals. Santoemma has created the perfect solution for this challenging situation. They have created devices that allow the production and spreading of “dry mist” for disinfection in vehicles, with particles of 7 microns.


Thorough cleaning of the ambulance is mandatory at determined intervals when the interior of the vehicle is emptied, and an extensive disinfection action is performed. However, at the same time, the interior of ambulances needs to be sanitized after transporting each patient. For these daily and repetitive actions, the device that disperses sanitizing “dry mist” was created. The ambulance is completely filled with “dry mist” in just 2-3 minutes. The mist is left to act for approximately 15-20 minutes to perform its sanitizing action. The chemical particles, only 7 microns in size, can act on every point without wetting the surfaces, thus protecting electronic equipment.


The operator does not come into contact with the surfaces, thus working in maximum hygienic safety conditions.

The Santoemma Fogger@7microns Device

The device can be delivered in two versions:

  • Connected to the power supply (220V)
  • With batteries

Fogger@7micron is a device specially designed to nebulize a sanitizing chemical substance in the form of “dry mist.” This mist consists of particles with a diameter of up to 7 microns and can penetrate the narrowest places inside ambulances.

The device has a built-in trolley for transporting containers containing disinfectant substances. Additionally, the ambulance disinfection device is equipped with a 10-meter extension that allows the use of the nebulizer at a distance (10 m) from the device itself. This way, the nebulizer can be placed inside the ambulance, and the rest of the device can be left outside.

Disinfection Chemicals

Along with devices, disinfecting substances can also be delivered. The manufacturer proposes two solutions:

SANI-SPRAY: Special alcohol and benzalkonium chloride-based disinfection product, 5-liter tank. Average consumption of 4g/m3, pH 100.
OXY-SPRAY: Special hydrogen peroxide-based disinfection product, 5-liter tank. Average consumption of 4g/m3, pH 4.


The device can be used for sanitizing other spaces in addition to the interior of ambulances:

  • Nursing homes, hospitals, schools, hotels, guesthouses;
  • Spas, wellness centers, sports centers, gyms, pools;
  • Exhibition halls, stadiums, arenas, canteens, casinos;
  • Cafes, bus stations, municipal public toilets;
  • Ferries, cruise ships, yachts, private boats;
  • Train stations, airports, trains, planes, buses, trams, subways;
  • Shopping malls, stores, pharmacies, offices, workshops, factories;
  • Prepared food production companies, catering companies, butchers, bakeries;
  • Food transport vehicles.

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