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ZA-BV-MOBIL Slab installation device

Slab Installation System ZA-BV-MOBIL. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Best Tools representatives will always provide you with all the information you need, and when necessary, they will work with you to choose the perfect equipment for your needs.

Product Description

Slab Installation System ZA-BV-MOBIL

For the installation of slabs, the Jumbo BV can be easily mounted on the ZA-BV-MOBIL. Using the PW III pallet truck, the entire assembly can be moved from one position to another manually. There is no need for heavy equipment such as a wheel loader.

Another advantage of the system is that the PW III can be equipped with arms for transporting pallets on the construction site.

ZA-BV-MOBIL has the following components:

• PW III pallet truck with detachable arms.
• Chassis with four supports.
• Handle extension for the BE device.
(Using a wheel loader to pass over freshly installed slabs generally causes issues such as sinking or displacement, problems that do not occur when using ZA-BV-MOBIL.)

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