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WG-S / WG-SS concrete base turning device

WG-S / WG-SS concrete base turning device. If you are interested in one of the Probst products from the Best Tools range, do not hesitate to contact us. A Best Tools representative will provide you with all the details you need.

Product Description

Concrete Base Turning Device WG-S / WG-SS

Allows the 180° turning of concrete products, such as manhole bases, after production (possibility of infinite rotation at 360°). As the products are rotated along the longitudinal axis of the forklift, the load extends very little outward, keeping the center of gravity of the load and the device very close to the forklift. Gripping and turning maneuvers are performed entirely hydraulically.

Standard specifications:

• Rubber-coated, double-jointed gripping arms to adapt well to different diameters.
(Delivered without flexible hydraulic connections for the forklift.)

Upon request, variants with larger or modified openings are available.

Probst is the leading German manufacturer of equipment for handling and installing pavers, concrete slabs, curbstones, all types of pipes, and other precast elements. Best Tools Company is the official Probst dealer in Romania.