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Welding machine Miller GOLD STAR 852

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Product Description

Used in heavy industry for welding main pipes, in the construction of maritime vessels, in the petroleum industry, and in the construction of high-tonnage tanks.

Product Description

Superior performance in electrode and TIG welding. Built-in Arc Control. This feature prevents electrode sticking regardless of its thickness, and together with the Hot Start function, helps initiate problematic electrodes. Line Voltage Compensation is the function that maintains constant machine performance even when the power supply fluctuates by +/- 10%. Thermal protection against overload or when airflow cannot be ensured. Fan on demand. The fan will only start when necessary, thus avoiding unnecessary energy consumption and the flow of dust or other contaminants through the machine. Digital display for voltage and amperage. Easy to adjust, easy to operate, and efficient. Hermetically sealed circuit board for increased reliability and operation in challenging environments.

Technical Data

Product: Miller GOLD STAR 852 Welding Machine
Power Supply Voltage: 400 V
Current Range: 50-850 A
Usable Electrode Diameter: 1.6-10 mm
Usable Current at 60%: 650 A
Maximum Usable Current: 850 A
Open Circuit Voltage: 72 V
Dimensions (LxWxH): 762 x 585 x 966 mm
Weight: 229 Kg
Warranty: 36 months